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good morning and happy new year. hundreds of thousands of people revelers jammed into new york city's times square to say good-bye to the old and ring in the new. and we're celebrating right along with them today, friday, january 1st, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to this special new year's day edition of "today." i'm matt lauer alongside
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meredith vieira, ann and al roker. are you sorry you're you weren't in times square? >> no. >> have you ever done that? >> i used to do it because i used to cover it for wnbc. and, wow! >> you did it as a professional. >> as a job. you had to pay me to go there. >> you know, it's funny, you saw all the smiling faces last night. yet, considering all that happened in the last year -- the recession, swine flu, two wars, away from home. i would imagine there are a lot of people who are not real sorry to put 2009 behind them. >> i think -- the president may northbound that category as well. in 2009 he learned firsthand but the challenges that come with that title of president. and there are sure to be more trying times now that the calendar has flipped to 2010. we're going to get into all of that in a moment. also ahead, as matt mentioned, the economy certainly not worth celebrating in 2009. millions of americans still are struggling to find work.
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what does the new year hold? cnbc's jim cramer shares his outlook. also having some fun looking back at the lighter momentsf 2009 and looking ahead to what we might expect this year out of the hollywood industry and also the music industry. what to look forward to. >> i tell you one thing we can look forward to. great food. one of the hottest chefs here to whip up a delicious new year's meal. let's begin wh a check of the top stories. ann is sitting here. amy roebuck over at the news desk. good morning. >> thank you and happy new year to everyone. from coast to coast americans welcomed in 2010 with parties and fireworks. hundreds of thousands of people jammed new york's times square for the annual ball drop. fireworks lit up the night sky in seattle to usher in the new year. well, president obama is beginning the new year studying reports on the failures that led to the christmas day attempted plane bombing. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has more on that story. pete, good morning. >> federal officials say they're already making some changes,
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adding dozens of people to the no-fly and terror watch list. the department of homeland security says it's sending a team to airports around the world starting monday to push for improvements in airline security overseas. and another change will result from the renewed focus on yemen, where investigators say the man accused of the attempted bombing prepared for his attacks. an indefinite hold on releasing any more detainees from yemen now held at guantanamo bay. amy. >> nbc's pete williams, tnk you. in afghanistan, the bomber who killed seven cia employees wednesday reportedly was being considered as an informant, was invited on to the base and was not searched. flags flying at half staff at cia headquarters today. radio talk show host rush limbaugh remains hospitalized in hawaii after sufferi chest pains. the hospital says he is in good spirits. looking at the national weather, bitter cold today in much of the u.s.
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our temperatures here are right around freezing. dry conditions, temperatures at 32 degrees in d.c. and bahamas too. and down around 33, 34 degrees. culpepper right now in virginia our cold spot at 28 degrees. we'll see a high today of 43, and then the bottom drops out for a cold weekend. miami, not surprising there, just breaking the 80 d mark. it is 7:04. now once again. thank you. a year ago today barack obama was preparing to become the 44th president of the united states. hope was in the air. 365 days later, he now knows the reality of being the leader of the free world. nbc's chief white house correspondent cck todd takes a look at the challenges facing the obama administration in the coming year. >> reporter: on day one for president obama, everything seemed possible. >> on this day, we gather
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because we have chosen he over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord. >> reporter: but nearly one year later, thanks to a weak economy and expansive legislative agenda that's still largely unfinished, most polling shows the country is less united, less hopeful and more conflicted. and with an election on the horizon, the president enters 2010 with a tough political mission. >> mterm elections always reflect the political standing of the president. >> reporter: right now, the president's political standing is tenuous. though he entered the white house with a sky-shy 60% approval. that number has steadily declined throughout the first year, now sitting at 47%. it won't get easier in the coming year. in addition to health care coming to a head before the end of january, mr. obama will also tackle financial regulatory reform, some sort of energy bill which will deal with climate change, and possibly immigration
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reform. then of course there's afghanistan. but because it's an election year, congress not likely to have the stomach for a lot of big fights. so the president will have to push even harder. >> the one thing hopefully that obama can learn from the first year in office is how to do everythinge can to court the congress. >> what do we want? >> health care. >> reporter: but will anger or disappointment in the president and the democrats automatically translate into republican gains? >> to recapture the majority, would i think require very bad times and some restoration of republican party image as a party of doing something. >> reporter: but everything will keep coming back to the economy, which may not be on the brink of collapse, but -- >> the coast isn't quite clear. the recession is over. a recovery has begun. but it's a fragile recovery. >> reporter: and of course the president's political prospects are tied to one number, the nation's unemployment rate. >> if the country doesn't seem
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to be in good shape, then you have to lash out. and you lash out at the party in power. >> reporter: for "today," chuck todd, nbc news, the white house. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." david, good morning. happy new year. let's talk about what president obama faces in 2010. basically the same problems, the same laundry list -- iraq, afghanistan, economy, unemployment, health care reform. but he faces them now with less popularity than he did a year ago. how big a hurdle? >> it's a big hurdle because it's also an election year. so all of that opposition to him is really starting to gel. republicans who weren't with him in the first year are really not going to be with him in this next year. and there are more and more democrats who might have been with him who are in a lot more political trouble as they face elections. >> i want to ask you about that, because i think he came to office understanding he was going to do battle with the republicans. they had just lost a national election. do you think that he fully understood, and does he understand now that some of his toughest fights are going to be from within his own party? >>e may have understood that
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in some way, but the degree to which became so much more painful because there was so much expectation projected on to him by the left. and i think what the left didn't fully realize is that he was a much more pragmatic, compromise-oriented politician, who wanted to be a transformational leader. and to do that, he couldn't pick up all of the fights that the left may have wanted to have taken on. that's going to be an issue this year. >> when he dealt with the biggest issues over the last 12 months, the only support he got from across the aisle was a lone republican vote on occasion. can he continue with that lack of support from the republicans and accomplish any of the major goals he has? >> it's very difficult. the war in afghanistan is the big troubling issue. he's got the support for the right on that. that will help him. but it makes for strange bed fellows politically. that's why they drove health care in that first year, because they knew that you couldn't take it on in an election year and with diminishing returns from the republican. that bid is too hard. >> you mentioned afghanistan.
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with the 30,000 troops additional troops either there now or on their way, this is his war now. he's as much as said that. how long are the american people going to give him before they see concrete results and if they don't they take it out on him? >> presidents have a lot more leeway than we sometimes give them credit for in the media culture in terms of how much patience the public has. but this is tough. we're now moving in to, later this year, ten years. the soviet union was there for a decade and got out. the question is what is worth dying for in afghanistan? what do americans -- how do they answer that question? the president has has a high hurdle in that regard. the other key, the same for president bush, when more and more americans start dying in afghanistan, then he's really going to have this come home to roost. >> when you talk to military commanders, they'll tell you because we're sending these additional 30,000 troops, you probably are going to see more casualties at least in the near term. he's going to have to deal with that. >> absolutely. yet you traveled at the endf last year with secretary gates
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over to afghanistan, who knows what happens when you abandon the region. but can you really get the american people focused on how troubling that area is, that region is? it's a question that tom friedman raises all the time, which is we can't want it more than they want it for themselves. >> you mentioned earlier in the interview it's a midterm election year. so if t election were held right now, based on what's happened to the president and the waning support he's seen over the last 12 months, how do you think it would play out in terms of the balance of power in the house and the senate? >> very poorly for democrats. we have se building since this special election last year, a huge anti-incumbent mood in the country, anti-establishment fervor, anti-government feeling in the country. that's going to hurt the incumbent party to a huge degree. >> interesting because 16 months ago at the election time, we had the same feeling and helped the democratic party. >> the sentiment hasn't changed. ultimately it's got to be morning again for the democrats to benefit.
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that's what the president is counting on. the questionis, is that going to happen? >> what's the biggest challenge, the biggest hurdle you see president obama facing in the first part of this year? >> jobs. ultimately, the jobs have to come back for people to think that the country is headed in a different direction. those have not shown up yet and it may be a while, a good long while before they do. >> david gregory. happy new year again. matt, thanks. the economy was one of the biggest stories of 2009. and while things did start to turn around late in the year, will that trend continue in 2010? jim cramer, host of "mad money" and cnbc is here to gaze into his crystal ball. good morning to you. even the last couple of weeks of 2009 we kept hearing differing answers to the question is the recession over. so is it or isn't it? >> no, it's not. 18% unemployment is the real number. until we see that come down to 5%, 6%, that's when i'm willing to call the recession over. >> do you think that's going to happen in 2010? >> too many jobs need to be
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created in order to be able to get there. i think this will be recession for much of the country in 2010. there will be other people who thrive. but until we start putting more people to work, i can't feel that the worst is over. >> okay. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke recently gave a speech in which he said, quoting here, there is significant economic challenges that remain. do you agree with him? >> totally. the man has the pulse on the economy. he recognizes that housing, autos, retail sales still under a lot of pressure. until he's happy, i can't be happy. >> what about that $787 billion stimulus package last year? >> too much of it went to government workers versus private industry and not enough of it was spent. still a lot bottlenecked in washington for no reason. >> so we don't need another stimulus package? >> no. we need that money freed. if they would let that money come to the american people and we had a transportation bill, which was sat on all 2009, we'd do fine. >> so many people suffered last year -- no jobs, double-digit
7:13 am
unemployment. do you expect to see that come down significantly this year? >> i think that over time it will. nothing is being done right now to put a lot of people to work. how about this. th firings are done. that's about as hopeful as i can be. >> you think the firings are done? >> the firings are done. >> but we're talking unemployment now, people getting back to work. there are no jobs as you -- >> i do not see that happening for the first half of 2010. i do believe the second half we will start seeing numbers go down in unemployment. i know that doesn't sound hopeful enough for most people, but it is realistic. >> is there any chance that 2010 or 2010, whatever we're going to call it, that this is going to be kind of a quiet year and would that not be bad after the roller coaster ride we've been on? >> i think we'll be quiet if washington is quiet. most of the ceos i speak to off camera, their biggest worry is not china. their biggest worry is not unemployment. their biggest worry is total uncertainty coming from washington. they don't want to hire until
7:14 am
they know how much it will cost to bring in a new employee. once they have that, i think by the second half of this year they will feel more confident. >> it's new year's. you have resolutions starting with start lending. by that you refer to the banks, resolution of the banks. >> what a great thing if you're a banker? they're paying us nothing, right on the checking and savings account. they place us really close to zero. they can invest it or lend it. they're choosing to invest it in risk-free treasuries. we need them to start giving it to people who want to start businesses. they don't want to do it. they're afraid. >> you say the consumers start spending as a resolution. >> i think if you realize that the firings are over, you don't need to squirrel away as much -- you should still be putting some away. but you can feel confident enough to at least treat yourself to something you might have deferred. >> you also advise people, resolution, to start putting money back in the market. that's scary. >> well, it would be -- cds, certificates of deposit weren't so low and your savings rate,
7:15 am
the money you by keeping it at the bank weren't so w. plenty of companies, utility companies that offer five times the yield, five times the income of what you get in your bank. i think it's prudent to try to get more income. >> jim cramer, happy new year. thanks for joining us. you can catch jim at "mad money" week nights at 6:00 and 11:00 eastern time on cnbc. here's ann. this morning on leonard's look, our mike leonard takes us to a town where they're preparing for the future even though some think there's not much of a future left. >> reporter: the streets aren't paved with gold, and it's the heavenly sound of goss i ammers, not harps that soothe them when our time on earth comes to a fiery kalcalamitous end. the end date is december it it
7:16 am
1st, 2012, the last day noted on the ancient mayan calendar and a day that promises to be somewhat of a bummer if it's ng like the current movie "2012" imagines. a troubling. at a world removed from all the worries associated with our date with doom, a date that's captured the imagination of a lot of people, including author lawrence joseph, who noted in a book he wrote on the subject that berea, kentucky, is the place to be when this happens. his reasoning touches on seismic, cosmic and cultural factors to which the residents of berea have added a host of other notions. >> i've forgotten who it was who said he wand -- maybe irving cob -- he would want to be in kentucky when the end of time came because we were always about ten years behind. >> reporter: or just the opposite. >> i think it's because of our thought and our mission and our
7:17 am
goals here are things that you would need to start a world again. >> reporter: concepts that were way ahead of their time back in 1855 when john g. fee an ardent abolitionist bravely opened his one room school to both blacks and whites, men and men. eventually berea college, the first co-racial and an institution noted for the quality of education, diversity of student body and its mission as the beacon of hope for the appalachian community. >> a great financial need but also great academic potential. the ones that really deserve a college education and probably wouldn't get it otherwise. >> reporter: the 1500 or so students pay no tuition but must work between 10 and 15 hours per week to do whatever needs to be done on the grounds, in the offices, on the school farm, in the places of business. the town of berea, with its wide assortment of entrepreneurs, musicians and preservationists stand as a testament to the
7:18 am
powerful influence of a college that teaches its students the value of traditional customs, of good craftsmanship, of solving basic needs with time tested techniques, of sustainability in a world running out of resources. >> i think we're coming to the point where we have to look backward in order to see those lost, many times lost traditions and lost knowledges as progressive and really the key to our future. >> reporter: a bright future? >> i'm actually hoping to get my ph.d. one day in physics. >> reporter: but why bother if -- >> you know, take care of what is ahead, worry about the future when it comes. >> reporter: and until it comes, why not share a laugh or two. >> humor keeps us humble. i think that's the purpose of it. i tell the story, when i first moved to berea, we had only five digits to dial. but then we got seven. and people started making mistakes, you know. so somebody called me one night and said, who's this? and so i had been to school.
7:19 am
so i said, with whom did you wish to speak? and there was a long pause. and he said, i can tell you right now, but the way you're talking it's not who, it's a wanting. >> reporter: as for the folks wanting to move to this town of 13 p,000 or so, well. >> get a ticket now. >> reporter: might as well enjoy the little time you have left. the end of the world is going to have a good sound track. >> you betcha. >> reporter: for "today," mike leonard, nbc news, berea, kentucky. >> what do you say we all chip in for some property there? >> top of the charts, banjo music. i love it. get ready. >> do you think something will happen in 2012? >> no, much sooner. much sooner. >> if i were you, i wouldn't worry about paying those bills. still ahead, believing four little letters -- not those four little letters, can change the world in 2010. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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a new year's hangover. >> pro-bowl accolades. >> designer thigh pads for big mike. >> jim zorn thigh pads. >> on the next redskins sh
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well, it wouldn't be a new year's party without good food and drink. >> we're delighted mr. ed brown from downtown ed brown is with us. happy new year. 81 restaurant and the chef collaborative ed's chowder house both here in new york. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> what is on the menu, ed? >> we're doing holiday entertaining. this is a lazy day. nobodyants to be working too hard. so the theme of all the stuff we're going to be doing today is really simple. you could run out to the store and get it anywhere and make it fast starting with cocktails. this is the 81 signature bloody mary. >> who wants to taste one of these real quick? let's make this different from a regular bloody mary. >> it's pretty similar to your usual ingredients.
7:23 am
horse radish, et cetera. we have a big shrimp in there. let it marinade for awhile. >> take us through these. >> mimosa. sparkling wine using conseco. then let's do more than talk about it. let's turn picturing it into planning it, thinking it over into making it happen. let's say out with the old and in with the new. let's create some wall-to-wall "wow." [ man ] ♪ oh! [ male announcer ] more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get any carpet installed for just 97 bucks -- any brand, any style, any number of rooms. you should know, bayer aspirin is one of most studied, most trusted, anti-fever, anti-inflammatory, and anti-pain medications in the world. from pain killer to life saver, bayer aspirin is the wonder drug that works wonders.
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and before you reduce or stop taking cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occ upon standing. side effects include nausea, dry mouth, and constipation. ask your doctor about cymbalta. depression hurts. cymbalta can help. 7: 26 is your time now on this friday, january 1, 2010. happy new year, everyone. in the news for today, new year's eve took a terrifying turn in southeast washington where bullets interrupted a church service. someone opened fire outside the church in the 300 block of nailer road southeast. the bullets shattered the window was no o
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around freezing, but we do not have any problems out on the roadways, 7:27 is the time and that is sun rise for today. so coming up a little bit of gold on the horizon and plenty of cloud co-rigver right now. fairfax county to greenville is 32. kensington and ashton at 33 degrees. we'll see a high temperature today of 43 degrees. and this weekend highs will be in the low and mid 30s, like it feels right now but with wind and low windchill r5edings. >> we'll take a look at i-95 and 395. no hov restrictions.
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there h >> thank you very much, jerry, we're going to second you back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
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7:30 now on this friday morning. 1st day of january, 2010 or 2010. and you're looking at the celebrations held around the world to ring in the new year. and here is wishing you and yours a happy and healthy year to come. i'm mv alongside matt lauer, ann curry and al roker. >> we're 7 1/2 hours into 2010. how is it going so far? >> i like the beginning -- >> starting to lose its spot for you? >> all right. meanwhile, just ahead in this
7:31 am
half hour, 2009 brought us not one but two swine flu outbreaks, not to mention a lot of questions and confusion about those controversial breast cancer screeng guidelines. so what do we need to know about our health in the new year? just ahead, dr. nancy snyderman comes by to tell us. also coming up, this is something unusual, the artist who inspired the beatles to sing about love. that artist is now sharing a new message with the world. we're going to tell you what that is. for better or worse, they became punch lines in 2009, people like those white house party crashers. coming up, america's top roast mastermasters, jack ross, givess take on the medy gifts that kept on giving in the past year. first let us welcome in ed brown, master chef, who is feeding us today. we've already had his drink concoctions. now we're moving on to the appetizers. takes it away. what have you got? >> simple stuff. olives, citrus marinaded. these are dorito crusted. dorito crusted fried olives.
7:32 am
>> you have to go to spain to get this? >> it was their idea. i have to give them credit. >> brings something nice and meredith smacks him. >> coconut fried shrimp, grilled crab and crowder, one of our signature dishes at the chowder house. sauce. >> all finger food? >> you want to be able to put it out, eat it, lax. we kind of try to recover from last night. >> exactly. >> what goes well with this also is a woman in aluminum foil. >> for those just tuning in -- >> you actually struck me as a saran type guy. >> happy new year. >> mixing the citrus with the olives here, it looks beautiful. >> this is a nice refreshing sort of light thing to eat. and the pumpkin chowder is a nice -- a little toasted pumpkin seed inthere. >> ed, we cannot wait for our
7:33 am
next section of the meal. thank you very much. we appreciate it. okay. first we have a legendary artist who believes that four little letters can change the world. we have his story now from nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: the journey to meet a living legend begins in coastal maine. due east about an hour and a half from the mainland, to a granite rock called vinyl haven. most of the 1200 residents on this weather-worn island are fifth or sixth generation lobstermen. >> i'm not terribly interested in lobsters. they're not one of my favorite food. >> reporter: but there's one newcomer who arrived 40 years ago and never left. >> when we got to the moon, i got here. >> reporter: he's robert indiana. and if you don't recognize his name you most likely know his work. he'she artist that asked a nation of war to thinkbout love.
7:34 am
♪ you want somebody to love it was the '60s. vietnam, woodstock. >> what was it about the '60s that made that love sculpture click? >> had nothing to do with me. it was for those four guys called beatles. ♪ all you need is love >> reporter: john lennon was so inspired by the love sculpture, he wrote that song. today, love is on display in more than 140 cities worldwide. an iconic image of the times that survives today. >> the '60s was a very vibrant time to be alive. it's when i did my most important and exciting paintings. >> reporter: but those works may face a new challenge. at '81, as a decade ends, robert indiana says his gut tells him that times are ripe for a new message. it's been a rough decade. terrorism, wars, unemployment at
7:35 am
10%. and now comes artist robert indiana again with four simple letters. h-o-p-e, hope. and just like love in the '60s, simple, provocative, powerful. >> it's both a noun and a verb. everybody has got to hope. >> reporter: what is the hope, though? >> i want to cover the world with love. i'd like to cover the world with hope. >> reporter: robert indiana, who says he relishes life's coincidences, lives in a 200-year-old mansion long ago named the star of hope. he unveiled his work when candidate barack obama's book "the audacity of hope" just happened to be reaching its largest audience. today at the rosenbaum contemporary in boca raton, florida, hope many sculptures are on back order. at the farnsworth museum in
7:36 am
rockland, maine -- >> i can't think of any other artist who has done what he has done. >> reporter: the largest ever collection of robert indiana's lifetime works is on display until january 10th. at the centers of it all, hope. >> bob's made words into sculpture that have a meaning far greater than the word of the sculpture. >> are you surprised that just four simple letters can be so powerful? >> it's the way they're constructed. you see, l-o-v-e has been around a long time. h-o-p-e has been around a long time. but bob arranged them in a way that one can't escape them, you see. >> reporter: so as we begin a new decade and again promise to go to the gym more often, stick to the diet, spend more time with the kids, as we go through that ritual, artist robert indiana believes, like the "o" leading forward in his sculptures, we will all look forward and hope for a better, more peaceful world.
7:37 am
for today, kerry sanders, nbc news on vinyl haven island in maine. . >> imagine maybe the beatles would want to write a song about that as well. it's a powerful message especially in this time. >> if only. that's cool. robert indiana, cool guy. >> very cool day. now let's get a check of the morning's top stories and weather from amy roebuck in for ann at the news desk. >> thank you, meredith. good morning. a dazzling start to 2010 during the night. from times square in new york, where hundreds of thousands of people celebrated, to las vegas on the west coast and americans welcomed in the new year. health officials say the current wave of swine flu keeps easing. it's considered widespread now in only four states -- delaware, maine, new jersey and virginia. they caution there could be another wave this winter. and an alley-oop pass turned into an alley-oops last night when it shattered the backboard against gonzaga.
7:38 am
200 pounds, anything but tiny, was showered with falling glass but was not injured. looking at the national weather it will be bitterly cold in much of the united states. higher elevations in the northwest could see . and right here we don't have any problems o the roadways, nothing falling from the sky. it's cold, but not as cold as it's going to be this weekend. columbia and howard county 33, loudoun county at 33 and dale city south at 32 degrees. we'll see a high today of 43. the weekend will feel like it does now but factor in the wind and we'l have windchills in the low to mid 20s and it's 7:38. now back to meredith. >> amy, thanks. still ahead on this new year's day morning, the year ahead in music. the hitmakers coming out with
7:39 am
hot new music in 2010. but up next, how the biggest medical stories of 2009 will change the way you manage your health this year. our natural sweetener comes with zero calories and a clean sweet taste. it won't insult your intelligence or make your butt look fat. it's the sweetness of the stevia plant served straight up, honest, uncomplicated. enjoy. try the first great-tasting, zero-calorie natural sweetener born from nature. truvia. honestly sweet. find it at your grocery store. the thrill of the save. that secret high from stretching a dollar. that little rush in finding what you need for less. now walmart has unbeatable dollar days. extra savings on everyday things, all over the store. it's a new way to conquer budgets. and another great day for the savers.
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7:42 am
is 2010? dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning. >> happy new year. >> i have to learn how to say the date. biggest health news i think this year had to be the swine flu or the h1n1 pandemic. really, it's kind of a scary roller coaster ride. >> it caught us off guard. >> 47 million americans infected. >> almost 10,000 people died. >> exactly. then problems with the vaccines getting to people, not enough. you said this is the first time they were able to follow and witness in realtime. what do you mean by that and what difference did that make? >> we had people on cell phones in mexican villages talking to the world health organization and the cdc, bloggers, international scientists all watching this extraordinarily efficient virus skip around the world. and we realized early on this was a pandemic, that this involved the entire planet. fortunately, so far, not a huge killer. out of 47 million americans, 10,000 people unfortunately lost their lives, but not an ebola
7:43 am
kind of big plague. nonetheless, we've seen a spring spike, an early fall spike, dribble of vaccine getting out. and the real question for 2010 will be will there be a third spike in january or february. and that, i think, is a prediction a lot of the scientists are holding to. >> you're leaning that way as well? >> enough that if you haven't been vaccinated yet, children under the age of 10, pregnant women, health care workers, if you have someone small at home, yes, i still think you should get your vaccine. >> another one of the guidelines took people by surprise. >> unfortunately controversial because they hit right when the house and the senate were debating health care reform. this is an independent task force assigned to look at screening, for colon cancer, skin cancer. but the minutes they said there's no proof that routine screening mammography starting
7:44 am
at the age of 40 equals lives saved, people attached the word rationing to itnd politics sort of blew it up. i think it's a perfect example of science really being thrown under the political bus. >> what do you expect in 2010 in terms of screening and health care in america? >> well, right now, the senate -- immediately, i think it overreacted and said women can get reimbursement for any kind of screening mammography in the new year. i think the real question is what will health care reform look like, if we have it at all. >> finally nadia sulman octomom raised a lot of questions. >> awful story if you're a physician with medical,ethical and social mores guiding you. this is a woman who already had children, had six embryos implanted, all took. the uterus is not big enough to accommodate six developing babies. they were born premature. i'm not convinced all healthy. the doctor who implanted six
7:45 am
embryos, i believe, shouldn't be allowed to practice anymore. it really opens the question about infertility treatments and clinics that fly under the radar. in europe, some countries only allow two embryos to be implanted max. in this country, frankly, i think you might see legislation saying the same thing. >> will we see more regulation? >> doctors never like regulation, but this is a case where you might say, look, is this a time where the science and responsible physicians and their academic societies and, frankly, law of the land should all come together. you'd be hard pressed to say there's any reason ever to put in more than two embryos. >> are we going to see more advanced fertility technology and a shift towards designer babies? >> we're already seeing it. in fact, one of the big things we'll see more of, parents going in and doing sex selection. interestingly, in other countries, as you know, male babies are more highly prized because they can go out and make a living. in this country, people are
7:46 am
askingor girls. and a lot of people suspect it's because people who are aging want a daughter to take care of them. >> all right, dr. nancy. thank you so much. >> you bet, meredith. just ahead, a humorous look ahead to what 2010 holds. i've been a long-time smoker. i'm a guy who had given up quitting. what caused me to be interested was, chantix is not a nicotine product and that intrigued me. the doctor said while you're taking it you can continue to smoke during the first week. (announcer) chantix is proven to reduce the urge to smoke. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment, compared to 18% on sugar pill. today i see myself as a jolly old man, (laughing) who doesn't have to smoke.
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7:49 am
we hope that's true. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> you have been thinking. you've been toiling away thinking about what you want to see happen in 2010. what are your hopes and dreams? >> i wrote up some new year's resolutions. can i show them? >> absolutely. >> wow, handouts. >> i'm going to work harder to be a better person. >> thank you. >> by the way, you guys look great. i hope you had fun last night. al is still hung over. he's wearing two different suits tonight. >> but they go together. >> these events, you want to stop procrastinating? >> yes. i'm going to start february 1st. i love your outfit. did you get that at forever 41? >> yes, i did, actually. thank you. >> i'm going to save you. you want to crash a white house state dinner. >> it looks so fun, doesn't it? i mean, this is not the first time people have crashed the white house. in 2000, the year 2000, a couple from texas crashed and stayed eight years.
7:50 am
>> they loved it when they showed it on the scene, didn't you? >> i do sort of support their charity, guests without borders. >> you don't want to reduce your own carbon emissions? >> just when i'm in an elevator. >> good idea. >> my little part for the environment. . >> here's the line. here's jeff ross. >> you also want to -- you say one of your resolutions is to forgive tiger woods. >> i feel like eventually, we're all going to have to. it will take a while maybe. this guy right now has shaken up every couple in the country. every couple had the tiger talk this month. let's face it, tiger is probably the greatest player of all time, and a pretty good golfer. >> you know what, the truth is, i think eventually america will forgive him. his wife beat him with a 9 iron on the front lawn.
7:51 am
that's paying your debt to society. let's face it, if -- what's her name? >> switzer -- >> if she had done that, her husband would still be governor. remember at the press conference, tune in to 6:00 where my wife will rearrange my face with a who canny stick. >> i'm looking at you in your three-piece suit, looking dapper. one of the things you want to do in 2010 is continue with the intense physical workout regime you've been keeping. >> look at these abs. look at that. my doctor told me i'm not getting enough cheesecake after 3:00.m. you heard of wash board abs? these are smorgasbord abs. actually, i want to find courtney love. she took my wallet. she's a household name in halfway houses. >> now, jeff. >> is that cutting too deep?
7:52 am
>> you want to be better taking a joke. >> this is porp because i dish it out. but i need to learn to take a little better because i'm from new jersey. you remember early in 2009, the very beginning, jersey was a recipient of perhaps the cruelest joke of all time when those geese hit the engine of that plane remember, captain chesley "sully" sullenberger. remember the radio call. we have an open runway at teterboro, new jersey. he's like, um, brace for impact. the water is cold, but at least we're not in new jersey. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to my nephews in became bridge, island and all my family in new mexico. and abe, if you're watching, we love you. >> thanks. still ahead, the stars to watch. the movies, everything for 2010. plus a new year's d
7:53 am
concert from rob thomas. all of that after your local news and weather. quilted northern ultra plush ® it's so luxurious, it may inspire you to make all the things you touch ultra plush. quilted northern ultra plush ®. luxury you can see and feel.
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7:551 your time right now a tiny peek of sunshinethrough cloudy skies. in the news this morning, new details about an early morning shooting in the church in the southeast. there is no way the shooter or shooters did not see the worshippers inside. three bullets went from the front door all the way to the back of the church, no one inside was hit. we're going the take a break and we'll check your forecast
7:57 am
7:58 am
easy going on area roadways this morning. 34 degrees in tinnily town and dupont circle. mclean, indiana at 34 degrees. we'll see a high temperature today of 43 degrees. windy and told, massive cold waves for the weekend and jond. >> we have had a series of accidents all of a sudden, particularly in ann arundel county possibly due to ice on i-97, had a series of accidents on route , accidents on 175 on snowden river park way.
7:59 am
and 29 at rout 100 and police are checking on an accident on i-95 northbound at route 32. we are getting reports now of ice. be careful over the bay bridge in particular where it had been foggy throughout the morning. most of the roadways doing okay. if you're headed for downtown, not many cars at all. 395 through landmark, it is wide open, a lot of folks headed from the district into virginia. >> thank you, jerry. we're going to send you back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
8:00 am
♪ can now on a friday morning. new year's day. that makes it january 1st, 2010. that of course is carrie underwood, a woman ha has come a very long way in her career. from one time "american idol" hopeful to really one of the hottest stars in country music. music in general in a lot of ways. ms. underwood just one of the artists to keep an eye on in the year ahead. we're going to take a lot more
8:01 am
about that. some people think she's really going to explode this year. i don't mean in a bad way. in a good way. >> like taylor sft did last year. >> matt lauer ajongside meredith vieira, ann curry and natalie morales joins us. >> good to see you. i hope it's a great one. >> al is upstairs doing a little cooking. we'll check in a bit. we're all over this morning, everything that you can expect in the world of music in 2010. we're also going to dive into the much anticipated movies set to fill the screens in the next few months. one of the more memorable stories we've had in the past year, the legacy of this man. he can sell ice to anesque esk. also late on a special new year's day concert from grammy winner rob thomas. a lot to get to including more food. upstairs to al. >> here with chef ed brown of 81 restaurant and ed's chowder house both located in new york
8:02 am
city. hard at work. what is on the menu? >> we're up to the main course. boneless chicken breast. tripled f. we're going to cull little scaloppinis, then slices, okay. we've got some already prepared there. seasoned flour. salt and pepper. that'sal all we have in there. we'll saute blond. >> i prefer broiled brunette. >> in foil, i know. these are sauteed lightly, no color. and the chicken is going to stay super tender, okay. we let them cook. we flip them over. i happen to have some flipped over. you see we have no color. this chicken is super tender. i'm going to squeeze in fresh lemon. add a little white wine. turn up my fire. >> all right. so we're adding a little liquid now. >> this is like super simple stuff. i'm just going to let this simmer a little bit. after that lemon comes together with the chicken, we're going to add a little chicken juice,
8:03 am
parsley, finish with -- >> it's making its own sauce. >> going to make its own sauce. the whole dish is in one pan unless you're doing tv stuff. >> all right. we're going to check in with you in a little bit and get the whole thing -- >> finish it off. right now let's head down to the news desk and get the latest news and weather from amy roebuck. >> thanks so much and happy new year. former u.s. officials say the suicide bomber who killed seven cia employees in afghanistan on wednesday had been invited to the base where he set off his explosives. they said the man was not searched because he was being courted as an informant. the american flag outside the cia headquarters is flying half-staff to honor the victims. a federal judge dismissed all charges against five private blackwater security guards accused of killing 17 unarmed iraqi civilians. he said prosecutors were wrong to rely on statements the defendants made after the 2007 shootings. well, the new year brought fresh hope from new york city where hundreds of thousands watched the ball drop in times square, to the west coast where
8:04 am
2010 was greeted with fireworks off the top of israel's space needle. and boston's fenway park is on ice. transformed from baseball field to outdoor hockey rink for today's bridgestone nhl winner classic between the bruins and philadelphia flyers. coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern time here on nbc. looking at the national we it may be cloudy, but it's going to be nice and seasonal today and then some cold winds come through for the weekend. rockville, maryland, temperature 32 degrees. as we take a look at our temperatures for later today. we'll rise out of the low and mid 30s to a high of 43 degrees. there's the cold wind for the weekend. the high is 32, but with windchills in the low and mid 30s, could have some flurries around here next monday with a high 29.
8:05 am
it's 8:04. here's matt. >> amy, thank you very much. up next, the hottest movies and music to watch for in 10. but first, these messages. it has more cargo space than pilot, and traverse beats honda on highway gas mileage too. more fuel efficient and 30% more room. maybe traverse can carry that stuff too. now get 0% apr for 72 months, or during the chevy red tag event, use $1,000 holiday cash to get $4,500 total cash back on select 09 traverse ltz vehicles in stock
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to help relieve the unique pain of fibromyalgia. and with less pain, i can do more during my day. how sweet is that? lyrica is not for everyone. tell you doctor about any serious allergic reaction that causes swelling or affects breathing or skin, or changes eyesight including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. lyrica may cause suicidal thoughts or actions in a very small number of people. some of the most common side effects of lyrica are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands and feet. do not drink alcohol while taking lyrica. you should never drive or operate machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. if you think you might have fibromyalgia, ask your doctor about lyrica. this morning on "today's entertainment," everything you need to know about movies and music in the new year. we'll start with the big screen. joe levy is the editor and chief
8:08 am
of "maxim" magazine. happy new year. 2010, does it look like a good year for movies? >> it does. 2009 was a record-setting year at the box office. amazingly enough. tough time in the economy. profits at the box office up over 8%. so what's going to happen in 2010? more movies, bigger movies. and, i think we're going to have some fun. >> you have four movies for us to loo out for, four different categories, starting with action films. >> a lot of good action films in 2010. i'm looking forward to "iron man ii" in the summer but early in february martin scorsese's next movie "shutter island." teamed up with leonardo dicaprio again. in the departed. won an oscar for "the departed." based on a novel, mystic river which won oscars for clint eastwood. i smell a pattern here. >> is it a scary movie, too? >> it's a murder mystery with
8:09 am
some occult undertones. leonardo dicaprio goes to a prison for the mentally insanes. something is up. we haven't seen scorsese in this big action movie crowd-pleasing film since the good fella. >> you said this is for people ho thought hangover was too complicated. >> if you found it a little hard to follow, here's one for you called "hot tub time machine." it comes out in march. the premise is summed up by the time. four guys get into a hot tub which turns out to be a time machine. >> and that was good? >> this looks like it's going to be ridiculous. but it's guy fun. it's good guy fun. "the hangover" was one of the biggest movies of the year, like number five at the box office. this one is for that audience. it's got john cusick and chevy chase who is currently undergoing a bit of a renaissance on nbc's community.
8:10 am
a great sitcom. >> i love a date movie and you've chosen "valentine's day." a lot of stars. >> the big date movie of the year, of course, the super bowl of date movies is "sex and the city 23." first up before february valentine's day. this is the all-star game of date movies. julia robertson, jessica alba, jessica biel, anne hathaway. >> that cutie right there. >> well, now, we have a few guys to look at, too. a little guy candy in this one as well. this is a story of a bunch of couples making up and breaking up around valentine's day. the pressure causes all sorts of wonderful and horrible things to happen. >> a family movie starring someone kind of famous. >> that's right. this is the remake of the karate kid renamed "the kung fu" kid and stars will smith's son.
8:11 am
jackie chan is the kung fu man who teaches him to wax on wax off. >> remakes can be dangerous because of comparison. >> that's right. we're going to see a lot. a remake of "nightmare on elm street," the old horror movie. this one, i have some faith they can pull it off. >> looking back at 2009, your favorite film? >> i'm easy to please and i am a guy. i like "the hangover." the only thing better is the longer version that just came out on dvd. >> did you find it a little complicated in. >> it is a little hard for me to follow. there's some flashbacks and it gets confusing. how did he lose those teeth? i still am not sure. >> sounds like a very good year. i'll start popping the popcorn. joe levy. 2010 also promises to be a great year in music. bill werty the editorial director of billboard magazine. happy new year. we're going to look ahead but
8:12 am
before we completely kiss off 2009, what do you think was the highlight in terms of music? >> in this year? >> yeah. >> a couple pf the year of taylor swift, o doubt. she's everyone. susan boyle, what agreat feel-good story to come out of nowhere and sell so many records. >> does she have legs, so to speak? >> i think so. this album definitely rode the ground swell of christmas retail but it's not a christmas album. >> let's look ahead to 2010. i know you get a lot of music festivals on your radar. i think the one that jumps out at me is lola fairis coming back. >> it really defines sort of this part of music ten years ago. after a decade making a concern. sarah mclachlan is back in "driving it. mary j. blige. >> meredith is excited about ozzfest. are we going to see it this year? >> i believe we will. i'm sure meredith will be in the front row. >> so happy. you think this is going to be
8:13 am
2010, this could be an enormous year for carrie underpood. >> she has great new album out. she sort of has continually built and built on her career. the first artist in the nielsen sell scan era p. she sort of established herself with a tv presence with the holiday show she did. i think you're really going to see her kind of cement herself as just like a blockbuster star. >> other names we're probably going to see on the road, you stop me when you think there's one you want to comment on. fish is going to be out there. dave mahews. bon jovi. >> the thing about bon jovi, they sometimes aren't appreciated the way they should be maybe by the critics. but the fans come out again and again and again. they went out on the road last year. they sold something like every show basically. >> and been doing it 25 years. >> and keep making good new music. they're out there. >> billy joel and elton john getting back together? >> i think so. that's what i'm hearing. always a blockbuster. >> when i was looking at the
8:14 am
research material for your segment, i had to do a double take. are we going to have a performance from led zeppelin? >> tongues are wagging. it's a little bit of a pipe dream. robert clint gave an interview where he said he was in negotiations to play a huge festival in the uk. what he said was i'm not sure who i'm going to play with. that of course -- they reunited for a concert a year ago and everyone is speculating it could be the big comeback again. >> another name that jumps out at me because i love this lady is sade. >> i was lucky enough to hear her upcoming album. it's beautiful. >> she's been gone for ten years. >> she sounds great. i saw her in person. she looks amazing. she's so graceful. the album is right down the center which fans will look for. >> another name, i'm not as familiar with her music but you think great things about her. >> i had the opportunity to see her play at a downtown theater a
8:15 am
week or so ago. beautiful songs. broke out as an r&b artist out of the uk. in the interim, tragically, her husband died of a suspected drug overdose. she went ahead for a couple of years and coming back with this album. it's a beautiful album. >> is there a name that will jump out in the world of hip-hop? >> the thing everyone is wondering about is dre' going to put out his album. once guns and roses put out their album 1314 years in the making. dr. dre' and his detox album is the new democracy. >> kanye, good year, bad year in 2010 in. >> i think he'll rebound. he'soo talent and good not to. he's a real artist. he's going to put out a dvd, a story tellers dvd for vh1 in january. he's crazy, with you that's why we watch him. >> he and taylor probably not
8:16 am
going on tour? >> probably not. up next, an unforgettable gift from an unforgettable man. an update on one of our most popular stories from 2009. right after this. really looking. without wait. 310 calories? 340? 8 grams of fat? compare that to select harvest light soups. wow. 80 calories. 60 calories and no fat. with the first two light soups ever that are 100% natural. you get lots of satisfaction without lots of calories. select harvest light soups. from campbell's. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food.
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he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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are still on the road today. uh hum. no. uh-uh. - which means, someday, - ( dings ) this camry could be his.
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( car wash whirring ) reliability, to move you forward. ♪ this morning on "today's american story" with bob dotson, a man who touched countless live. this man had the work ethic that would make the face on mt. rushmore grin. he passed away and left behind a very unusual estate. joe could starving dog off a meat truck. the man in the thousand dollars suit sold $5 potato peelers.
8:20 am
lots of them. >> there you go. >> reporter: his warehouse was his park avenue apartment. where do you keep the potato peelers? >> right in here. >> reporter: boxes and boxes stacked in what was once the maid's room. >> really? >> reporter: yep. park avenue. >> never underestimate a small amount of money. >> reporter: by hand, six days a week for 60 years. joe's business made him something of a mystery man in this posh neighborhood. >> some people suspected that he might be sean connery. >> just pull the handle, just try it. >> he's probably from mobile, alabama. who knows. >> reporter: the accent was as real as the bombs in his boyhood backyard. joe grew up in britain during world war ii, learning from pitch men who set up in the rubble. >> joe squinters, they were
8:21 am
brilliant. >> reporter: so, it turned out, was joe. >> big crowd. >> reporter: what's the most unusual thing you've sold? >> christmas trees in february. i'm not kidding. >> reporter: joe lived the kind of lifestyle most of us only see in movies. but he had no savings. spent all of his money every month. that paid for his park avenue apartment and lavish lifestyle. so when he died last february, what did he leave his daughter? >> he left me 40 boxes of peelers and a bag of carrots. >> reporter: with instructions on how to gather a crowd. >> you start working as if you already have a crowd. >> just come in the yard. you have to see this close-up. it gets quiet, there's a tendency to surrender. >> that's the best $5 you ever spent. >> my father taught me that you should keep going, even if there are just three people. >> reporter: customers are attracted to people who enjoy
8:22 am
what they do. >> liking what you do. >> reporter: joe first taught ruth how to hawk children's books on the streets so she could put herself through columbia university. before he died, he was determined to do the same for his granddaughters. >> me and my friend went to a river and we caught minnows. >> minnows? i want my kids to go to the best colleges it's possible to go to and i want to pay for it. >> reporter: that's why joe was up before dawn every day pushing potato peelers down park avenue. that's why his granddaughter, nina, is up early, too, helping her mom buy potatoes before school. >> here's a big one. >> reporter: ruth remembers her dad like the lines from a cherished song. ♪ unforgettable ♪ in every way he taught her to savor the
8:23 am
glorious uncertainty of starting every day with nothing. >> you get one for $5, you get five for $10. >> reporter: if she sells all those peelers, she'll have $96,000 for her daughter's fund. >> it wasn't just the peelers, really. it was the life lesson for me and the lesson of how to earn a living. >> reporter: a lasting wealth. >> why would you buy four peelers if it lasts a lifetime? >> you've got four friends. that's why. >> reporter: with a chance of making many, many more. for "today," bob dotson, nbc news with an american story in new york city. now let's head back upstairs to al. >> thanks a lot, ann. we've moved on to our main course with chef ed brown. we're talking lemon chicken. we had started her off blond chicken and we've kind of had the sauce. >> yes. so we sauteed the chicken
8:24 am
without any color. what it actually does is leaves the chicken really super tender. we cooked it slow in butter. by the way, butter is your friend many times. >> that's right, butter is your friend. >> a little is good, more is better. so i take the chicken out. >> by the way, would you call my wife and tell her that? >> so what's happened is the juice of the chicken, the lemon and the wine are starting to come together with the flour and make a sauce. i put a little chicken stock in there just to sort of bring it all together. and then, of course, we're going to finish the sauce. a ril bit more butter. >> of course. >> you don't mind, do you? >> no, no, no. it was there. you had to use it. don't want it to go to waste. >> while that's cooking, got some really thin slices of lemon we're just going to put over the chicken. it looks nice, but they're also adding flavor to the dish. and some rough chopped parsley. again, this is for flavor. >> right. and color.
8:25 am
>> nice color as well. sauce is just coming together nicely here. the flour is helping to thicken it up, but it's also the reduction of all the juices of the chicken. >> flavor. >> a lot of flavor. >> and butter. >> this is almost like a chicken chowder. >> it's chowder house, baby, 61s and broadw. >> that sauce comes together nice. right over the chicken. >> it looks good, huh? >> we cooked this live. this is realtime cooking. >> forgot something. >> pour it on there. >> there you go. >> pour it on there. >> shall weaste some. >> i think we have to, because that's with a we're here for. oh, wow, good. . >> tender, right? >> like velvet. chicken velvet.
8:26 am
thanks so much. first your local news and weather our time is 8:26, 34 degrees. still some fog out there, chilly temperatures, on this january 1. good morning and happy new year to you. new year's eve took a terrifying turn in southeast washington where police responded to a shooting outside a church service. witnesses say someone opened fire in the 3000 block of nailer road southeast. the bullets shattered the windows but managedo avoid the dozens of people that were inside at the time. we're going to come
8:27 am
8:28 am
we have a little fog this morning, it's a mostly cloudy day too, breezy later, but some seasonal conditions getting into the high and mid 40s. poolsville at 33. after today, the arctic express will be moving in. today a little breezy, low 40s, but this weekend, highs in the low 30s. then next week, highs in the upper 20s and windchills in the teens. jerry? >> we'll take a live look along the 270 corridor, extremely light volume of traffic. here's i-66 inside the capitol
8:29 am
belt way, right now that's moving along very nicely as well. travel lanes are open and for  the most part drive safely.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ i don't want to be lonely no more ♪ ♪ i don't want to have to pay for this ♪ we are back at 8:30 on this friday morning, the 1st of january, 2010. what better way to start up the new year than with a concert by grammy winning singer and
8:31 am
songwriter rob thomas. much more from him in just a little bit. i'm meredith vieira here with matt lauer and ann curry and al roker. chef ed brown has been putting together a fantastic new year's day meal for us. we've been having a great time. thank you. also ahead, chances are your bottom line took a pretty severe hit back in 2009 and even 2008, so a lot of people this year looking to get finances back in order. going to share six ways you can begin to do just that. plus, we have a special holiday performance over on the rock center rink from the most successful ice dancing team in u.s. history. and how to actually keep your new year's resolution in 2010. we've got some good ideas. first chef ed brown of 81 restaurant just finished the lemon chicken. now he's made some delicious fry dishes as well we can all make. . >> grade sides. everything was simply to make roasted carrots.
8:32 am
beautiful carrots. wash them, not peel them. all of that flavor, nutrition in the peel. olive oil salt in the oven, maybe 40 minutes or so until caramelized. that's it. simple. smashed potatoes. again nothing too perfect or hard. just boil them, smash them, olive oil, parsley and salt. >> you want one? these are amazing. >> unbelievable. so good. >> salad, baby watercress or regular watercress. pomegranate seeds, olive oil, pinch of sherry vinegar and salt. this is that holiday look. >> so beautiful. >> this is now called al's lemon chicken. then of course, my signature portobello fries i make at 81 and at chowder house. >> try some of that, because those are great. >> i can't get over the carrots. >> can i tell you something? they're so simple. are they heirloom carrots? >> they're not necessarily
8:33 am
heirloom carrots. they could be. i didn't buy heirloom carrots. fresh farm carrots. really the difference is amazing versus just abc carrots. roasting them caramelizing them. you guys should try some of this great 81 wine. this is our signature blended red wine that we made out in california. >> oh, you made this yourself? >> yes. >> he stomped on the grapes himself. >> drink for me. >> we made the wine together. >> cheers. >> happy new year. >> congratulations on the chowder house. >> we're going to get to the main course later. first another check of the morning's news and weather from amy roebuck. good morning onc again. >> good morning, everyone. a suicide bomber who killed seven cia employees in afghanistan was reportedly invited to their outpost a a potential informant. flags at cia headquarters are flying at half-staff to honor
8:34 am
the victims of wednesday's attack. pope benedict urged followers to recognize men are right here it will be cold, but nothing like the weekend and going into next weeks. we have had a little bit of patchy fog out there next week. we will see temperatures rising out of the 30s, low and mid 30s right now from freezing and quantico to 33 in d.c. your high 43 degrees. then a windy weekend with highs in the low 30s and windchills in the teens. it's 8:34. now back to matt. >> all right, amy. thank you very much. up next, a special new year's day performance from rob thomas. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. tota, moving forward. grammy winner rob thomas is out with his second solo album. it's called "cradle song." and "rolling stone" has declared its music is infectious. rob, good morning to you. >> how are you? good to see you. >> happy new year. did you make any resolutions? >> i did, but have already forgotten them. >> then you can't break them. >> i made them last night. now they're over. >> "cradle song" i know this is a album influenced by paul simon's "rhythm of the saints." >> that's where it started. the opening song, the first single "her diamond is kind of the first one i wrote that showed me where the record would go. immediately it had that vibe, '80s, paul simon kind of feel. i started with that, but somewhere along the way, i think
8:38 am
i abandoned it and made kind of an 'its record. i took influences from durran durran and influences from peter gabriel and paul simon, all of the stuff i listened to in t '80s. >> that was my decade. i love that. great. you spent a lot of time this past year touring and here across the country. now you're going onour in australia, getting ready practicing your aussie? >> it's pretty easy. it's the most easy to assimilate other countries. it's so far away like a bizarro america. you go there, kind of an england vibe that's even more american. >> what's it like being on the road connecting with fans again? >> i love it. i'm one of the people who feel like the reason i write music and make records is so i can play it live. there's something about that realtime interaction. when you see someone who has been living with your record and they come to a show and you're kind of sharing that moment with them. on a good night, you and your band and everybody in that room are kind of on the same page in the same moment. it feels perfect. >> speaking of realtime interaction, you're a huge twitter guy.
8:39 am
what do you talk about? >> i tweeted about this interview. >> what are you saying, anything good? >> all good things. >> again, the album "cradle song" you're going to sing the title song. ♪ you can go. you can start all over again ♪ ♪ you can try to find a way to make another take ♪ ♪ you can hide ♪ you want all your feelings ♪ you can try to carry on but all you want to do is cry ♪
8:40 am
♪ well maybe someday we'll figure all this out ♪ ♪ and try to put a lid to all our doubt ♪ ♪ try to find a way to make things better now ♪ ♪ maybe someday we'll live our lives out loud ♪ ♪ we'll be better off somehow someday ♪ ♪ now wait, try to find another mistake ♪ ♪ maybe you could change your mind ♪ ♪ you can run, oh, yeah ♪ and when everything is over and done ♪ ♪ you can shine a little light on everything around you ♪ ♪ maybe someday we'll figure all this out ♪
8:41 am
♪ try to put an end to all our doubt ♪ ♪ try to find a way to make things better now ♪ ♪ maybe someday we'll live our lives out loud ♪ ♪ we'll be better off somehow someday ♪ ♪ but i don't want to wait ♪ i just want to know ♪ i just want to hear you tell me so sfoet ♪ give it to me straight, tell it to me slow ♪ ♪ because maybe someday we'll figure all this out ♪ ♪ we'll put an end to all our doubt, try to find a way to just feel better now ♪ ♪ maybe someday we'll live our lives out loud ♪ ♪ we'll be better off somehow
8:42 am
someday ♪ ♪ well sometimes we don't really notice just how gooit can get ♪ ♪ so maybe we should start all over ♪ ♪ we'll start all over again ♪ well, sometimes we don't really notice ♪ ♪ just how good it can get >> oh, oh, so maybe we should start all over ♪ ♪ we'll start all over again
8:43 am
♪ again ♪ oh, someday >> excellent job. again, the song is "cradle song." thank you guys so much. you guys are awesome to be with us on new year's day. rob will be back with another performance in a little bit as we continue our new year's day celebration. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
"today's money" is brought to you by fidelity investments. turn here. this morning on "today's money," getting your financial house in order for 2010. our financial editor, jean
8:46 am
chatzky is here with opportunities you can't afford to miss. jean, good morning. happy new year to you. let's start with jobs. we're hovering at arod 10% unemployment right now. are there opportunities coming in the new year in terms of people actually hiring? >> in fact, it looks like about one third of businesses in the service sector as well as in finance, insurance and real estate say that they will gear up their hiring as soon as the year turns. we'll also see continued hiring in health care and education. >> so people need to -- who have been looking or are about to look need to really focus their search. >> right. and you want to ask yourself, what skills do i have that i could then turn around and apply to those industries. so maybe you're a lawyer who has found yourself out of work. ask yourself, could i find a job with an insurance company? could i find a job in a hospital. and when they write their want ads, what key words are appearing in those want ads that i can put in my resume so it will fly to the top of all those electronic searches. >> separate yourself from
8:47 am
everybody else. 2009 was the year of the salary cutbacks. i guess the good news according to you is 2010 we could start to see salary increases. >> small increases, about 2.7% according to the folks at hewitt. but those people who are thought of as the best and the brightest in their company should see about 5% wisconsin against argues for making yourself invaluable. >> but if your company is not announcing they'll pay more, is this the case where the squeaky wheel gets the grse? do you go to the boss and say is money freer? >> you should absolutely go. don't just say i want a raise because i need a raise. go and make the case that you actually contributed something to the bottom line. if you put a new idea in place that boosted sales, they need to know it and see it on paper. >> let's say you're one of the fortunate people who will see a salary increase. then you have to decide what to do with the increase. >> we don't want people to lock up their short-term savings. because if you look at rates, for example, on cds and money market accounts -- >> 1.7% on a one-year cd.
8:48 am
>> they have nowhere to go but up. so if you want to keep the money very, very liquid, look at an interest-bearing checking account. citizens bank, prove dent bank. they're offering checking at 4% interest rates. you have to use your debit card ten times a month which most people do. >> let's talk about something else. it's still confusing to me. the opportunity for people convert an i.r.a. to a roth i.r.a. why? >> it's different from a traditional i.r.a. because once you pay the taxes when you put the money in, it can grow forever tax free. you never have to pull the money out, which means you can pass this on to your kids if you don't need the distributions when you're retired. and if you want to pull out money to pay for a first house or pay for education, you can do that, too. very flexible. but normally people who make more than $100,000 a year cannot convert. in 2010, they can and they have two years to pay the taxes. >> you mentioned first-time home buyers. there was a bump in home sales
8:49 am
at the end of 2009. one of the reasons these tax credits that were out there from the federal government, they're going to last until april. who exactly qualifies? >> anybody who's buying their first home qualifies for an $8,000 tax credit. you have to go to contract by april and close by june. or if you have been in your home for five years, you can actually qualify for $6500 credit and mortgage rates, i have to point out, they're 4.5%. they're so low -- >> how long can that last? >> the forecasts look like they, too, he nowhere to go but up. you don't want to be a betting person in this arena. if you get into a mortgage rate that works for you, take it. >> good advice. jean cat chatzky.
8:50 am
8:51 am
i think we should lift our glasses and row pose atoast. >> you always say that. >> lift our glasses. >> why not? >> have a wonderful new year with four wonderful people. and me, that's five. . >> and health, good health to everybody, too. >> happiness. cheers. >> cheers. >> it was a tough year. >> and to everybody out there as well. >> for surviving 2009 and on to 2010. >> yes. to a happy new decade.
8:52 am
>> watching us at this time of the morning going, oh, i can't think. they're drinking again. >> very nice. >> if you don't drink on our toasts, that's bad luck, isn't it? >> aren't you supposed to look in somebody's eye as you toast them? >> you're supposed to hop on one foot, too. >> and eat tamales. >> before we get to your local news and weather, i'm going to end this on a nice note. time for one more song from rob thomas. that's nice. >> that sounded threatening. ♪ if you want to go for a ride, keep your hands inside and make the most out of life ♪ ♪ now don't you take it for granted ♪ ♪ life is like a mean machine
8:53 am
made a mess out of me ♪ ♪ like an angry dream i was stranded ♪ ♪ i was stranded ♪ and i'm steady but i'm starting to shake ♪ ♪ and i don't know how much more i can take ♪ ♪ everybody get down ♪ this is all i can take ♪ this is how a heart breaks ♪ take our hit now, your favorite break down ♪ ♪ stay wide awake this is how a heart breaks ♪ ♪ you want to go for a ride down to the other side ♪ ♪ feels so good to cry ♪ won't you dwhat i told you i've been living you, you used to be shy ♪ ♪ we were so fine, you and i ♪ why you got to make it so hard on me ♪ ♪ man, it's hard on me ♪ and i'm sorry but it's not a
8:54 am
mistake ♪ ♪ i keep running but you're getting away ♪ ♪ this is it now ♪ everybody get down ♪ this is all i can take, this is how a heart breaks ♪ ♪ take our hit now, break down ♪ wide awake, this is how a heart breaks ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ i said this is how a heart breaks ♪ ♪ you're not the best thing that i knew there was, never cared so much for all this hanging around ♪ ♪ it's just the same thing all the time ♪ ♪ what i want, get you close to the line ♪ ♪ you're just the same thing that i knew ♪
8:55 am
♪ ♪ this is it now ♪ everybody get down ♪ this is all i can take, this is how a heart breaks ♪ ♪ take our hit now, you feel the break down ♪ ♪ stay wide awake this is how a heart breaks ♪ ♪ this is it now, everybody get down ♪ ♪ this is all i can take, this is a heart breaks ♪ ♪ we take our hit now ♪ you feel the break down ♪ stay wide awake, this is how a heart breaks ♪ ♪ i said this is how a heart breaks ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, ♪ this is how a heart breaks ♪ i can't take it, i can't take it ♪ ♪ i can't take this, no, no ♪ oh, no, this is a heart
8:56 am
breaks ♪ our time right now is 8:56. on this first day of january 2010, happy new year to you. zk police are beginning this new year investigating a deadly shooting in northeast. it happied just before midnight in the 4800 block of north capital street. police will say only that an adult male was found shot to death. the identity of the victim has not been released. we'll take a break and look at
8:57 am
8:58 am
it is cold out, but nothing like it's going to be this upcoming weekend or next week. let's take a look across the area, because we have had a little bit of morning fog. we have plenty of high clouds right now. it's going to be a mostly cloudy day as a whole. but with temperatures rising into the low and mid 40s, currently it's 32 degrees in montgomery county. gaithersberg, maryland, we will have a strong cold front coming through the area today. poolsville at 33 degrees.
8:59 am
temperatures are just above freezing. we'll have certainly conditions today, 43 the high, but again breezy with just a lint of sun. more sun by the second half of the weekend and plenty of cold their's going to start pouring in. >> the topside of the capital belt way both sides moving well. we're getting word of additional icing issues out to the east. we had an accident on the bay bridge and south river bridge so be careful if you're headed over there. in virginia, we're looking pretty good, 95 both ways. >> we'll go back to the "today" show after this short break and be sure to catch the tournamen
9:00 am
my new year's resolution this year is i'm going to spend at least one hour a week more with my family than i have in years past. >> not just regular folks make new year's resolution. wayne newton and the kids from the "twilight" movies among the well known faces. we're doing it as well. coming up, you'll hear what other celebrities have to say about their resolutions and what you can do to make sure you don't blow off yours this year, which we all do usually tomorrow. not going to do that this year. inside studio 1a. on this first day of january, 2010.
9:01 am
matt lauer, ann curry, al roker and natalie morales. happy new year. we've got the style forecast already for 2010. everything from designer denim to boy boots. and bobby thomas here to help put your -- >> i thought you said boy boobs. >> a whole new fashion trend. actually, i'm already ahead of that trend. >> no longer, anyway. also coming up this morning, we're going to see -- they want silver and trino and hoping for gold in vancouver. american ice skaters ben augusto. a tour on the rockefeller rink this morning. we head back to the kitchen and check in with ed brown so you can always bust the new year's resolution to lose weight. >> out of the way early. before that, let's look at the top stories and the weather forecast, too, from "weekend today's" amy roebuck. >> good morning, matt.
9:02 am
good monchg, everyone, happy new year. new information about this week's bombing in afghanistan, the bomber who killed seven cia employees wednesday reportedly was being considered as an informant who was invited on to the base and was not searched. flags are flying at half-staff at cia headquarters today. president obama is studying reports on the failures that led to the christmas day attempted plane bombing. officials are adding dozens of people to the no-fly and terror watch lists. police in northwest pakistan said a suicide bomber attacked a volleyball tournament today killing dozens of people. from coast to coast, americans welcomed in 2010 parties and fireworks. hundreds of thousands of people jammed new york's times square for the annual ball drop. fireworks lit up the night sky in seattle to usher in the new year. taking a look at the national weat and we are starting our new year with some cloud cover, high clouds across the area, just above the freezing mark in most
9:03 am
locations quantico just below freezing and i-95 around baltimore. so the cloud cover, that's going to stick with us. we're going to pick up a little bit of wind as a strong cold front comes through. and then 32, the high for saturday and even on sunday, it was wind, windchills in the teens. it's three minutes past the hour. now here's ann. >> this morning on our countdown to the vancouver olympics, welcoming the new year. just 42 days left until the opening ceremony and u.s. ice dancer won silver in 2006 and hope to go for gold in vancouver. good morning. first of all, ben, you were inspired by the great brian botibot y
9:04 am
boti ating coach.ur mother was a do the butterflies go away? >> one thing about skating as long as we have, the butterflies never go away. we're always nervous and i always ask myself when i'm lacing my skates up, why do i do this to myself. but at the end of the day i love skating. >> do you feel an extra pressure because yove already won a silver. does it put extra pressure to go for gold? >> it does because obviously there's only one step to go for us. at the same time we feel like our experience will help us through really well. we're excited to have one olympics under our belt already. >> after the olympics you'll do stars on ice. how soon does that start? >> it starts in april. so we'll have some time to get ready and prepare with the cast. we're very excited and tickets are already on sale. so go for it. >> so it's a very big year for both of you. good luck then. and while you go and get in position now let me simply mention that you're going to be dancing to the song "falling slowly." ready, set. take it away.
9:05 am
♪ i don't know you and i want you ♪ ♪ ♪
9:06 am
♪ falling slowly, eyes that know me ♪ ♪ and i can't go back ♪ ♪ take this sinking boat and point it home ♪ ♪ we've still got time ♪ raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice ♪ ♪ you've made it now
9:07 am
♪ >> tan ith belbin and ben agosto. good luck to you. the secret to making new year's resolutions stick this year. later, is real estate ready to make a rebound in 2010? sri advice for buyers and sellers. that's why i book with expedia. so i can find
9:08 am
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9:11 am
did you make a new year's resolution this year? well, according to a recent survey, 45% of americans usually do, but only 8% are successful at keeping them. we ask some of our fellow anchors and a few celebrities as well about their new year's resolutions for 2010. here's what they have to say. >> my kids now, at least my older two, are getting into the part of school where it's actually school, not just fun. so my new year's resolution is to vow to become more actively involved in their schooling. >> i've learned over the 112 years that i've been alive that it's really not very smart to make new year's resolutions, but if i were going to make one, it would probably be not to eat anything in this book. this is why you're fat.
9:12 am
>> they are actually hopes rather than -- >> resolutions. >> resolutions, yes. can't even say the word, much less do them. >> i never have a good one. >> this year i am making a resolution to try to pick the kids up from school more. >> not going to drink, going to lose weight. trying to think what else p be nice to matt lauer. >> get kate lee to stop drinking because she's a boozer. the other thing i'm going to do is try to get kathie lee to stop talking. >> my new year's resolution for 2010 is to look like this. >> no big deal on new year's resolution. i just want to change the world. >> i just want to treat people nice and i just want to treat people -- just shut up! >> i've made resolutions in the past to be a better mom, to learn how to say no. i'm still working on all of those things. it's always a work in progress. >> darryl atkins, a psychologist
9:13 am
and author of sanity saver and jeff gardere, a psychologist, here to help make our new year's resolutions and not break them. guys, happy new year's. >> so, del, after the holidays, we go, okay, we're not going to overeat, we're going to start exercising. are we unrealistic about the types of resolutions we make? >> very often we are unrealistic and sometimes we ha to be reasonable and have realistic expectations for ourselves. and i think when we make our resolutions, if we make them, we have to be thinking about what's meaningful to us. and what's meaningful in our lives and what are we passionate about. and understand that we can make very small steps, take small steps at a time because sometimes it's i'm going to lose 20 pounds next week. we set ourselves up for failure rather than support ourselves as we try to make changes in our lives meaningful to us. >> we make, point taken, a reasonable resolution. how do we keep it?
9:14 am
>> one of the first things, instead of just talking about it because a lot of times you like to give it lip service. is really writing it down. memorializing it. making a contract with yourself that you're going to do this and then don't just keep it to yourself but put it out there to everybody else. puts a little bit of pressure on you. but en you really do have to follow it up. you really do have an audience. the other part is they will be supportive or you may find other people that have the same goals and do them together. the last thing follow a plan, a step by step plan. it's like a road map. if we can use gps, for heaven's sake, we can use that road map to losing the pounds or stop smoking or whatever your resolution happens to be. >> or quitting smoking, lose seg weight, i know these are important goals, things to work toward. what are other resolutions you might suggest that we should think about and feel better about ourselves in. >> i think putting challenges for ourselves, because generally people are happier when they
9:15 am
have challenges and really take on those challenges. so if you have something that you wanted to do, find way to do it and feel yourself getting closer to your goal. and go out of the box a little bit. meet people who are different from the people in your life, people from different backgrounds, people from different races, different religions. you might have something in common with but you just haven't met. and really give yourself the opportunity to have a different attitude about something. >> iagree. i think that's why you live longer, because you break out of that comfort zone. you take it to the next level and you challenge yourlf. the stuff that gets you going in the morning. >> pay attention to your passions,then? >> paying attention to your passions and learning something. if you are involved in learning and doing something new and different that will actually ignite a different part of you, you'll be able to keep those resolutions because your whole life will be enhanced. it's not just about something that's negative. >> but if you don't keep the resolution, you shouldn't just say, i've -- you should get back
9:16 am
on. >> people do thatll the time. they fall off that wagon and they're like, okay, i knew i couldn't do it, i know i'm a failure. no. the bottom line is that you're a human being. you're not going to be perfect. and sometimes you will miss the mark, but, you know what, you're not starting all over again as the song goes. you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and pick up where you fell off and keep going. >> ye! all right. dale atkins, jeff gardere, thank you. happy new year to you. what are you looking at? might see what you resolve to wear in 2010. you don't wear it, no biggie. it's just a suggestion. give yourself a break! right after these messages. [ keyboard clacking ] [ tea kettle whistling ] beats writing checks. we're gonna have enough. [ male announcer ] with bank of america online bill pay, you choose who to pay and when to pay each bill.
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i didn't know suave could do tha you wi. suave professionals. salon proven to work as well as salon brands. suave professionals. rethink salon hair. this morning on bobbie's style buzz, the fashion forecast for the year ahead. designer denim, ruffles and boy
9:20 am
boots? "today" style editor bobbie thomas is here with everything you need to know about the style must-haves for 2010. bobbie, happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. >> lots of things to look forward to, including designer duds at affordable prices. start to see more and more big name designers teaming up to have their collections at target. >> absolutely. >> some are already in the works. we're going to see celebrity lines. everyone from selina gomez to nicole richie. they're getting ready to launch this year. >> let's take a look -- let's talk first about what's out for 2010. >> i think what's out is abiding by rules. you don't need to follow rules. personal style has never been more in vogue. and i'm so excited to tell you that. really designers did what they did best. so it's up to you to dress your best. take some inspiration. and if it doesn't work for you, leave it behind. if it does, jump on board. >> and feel break to break some rules. >> let's start with denim.
9:21 am
always in, right? >> absolutely. >> what's the big trend now? >> you're probably noticing denim head to toe which has been a fashion -- >> i thought that was a no-no. >> in the past. break the rules. that's the rules from ralph lauren to mccartney, down the runway. we have great examples from current elliott. the denim skirt. we saw denim in much more than just jeans. >> the trick to making it work different shades of denim, i guess top to bottom. >> i like dark and light mixed but anything goes. it's what works for you. it like this jacket with these blue notched jeans because of that differentiation in color. but a masculine boot or something and have fun with it. >> now, another trend that we're seeing, you're saying, is going to be arts and craps to mix and match. you say mixed motifs are sort of the hot thing to come. >> absolutely. we went to fashion shows together. you saw the spring runways. lots of lots of designers played
9:22 am
with patterns and prints. be bold. forget the rules. you can mix two different patterns. this whole look from rebecca taylor. thuts this down the runway with the flower and big print. you can see the leopard print skirt. stay in the same color range. i loved cynthia rawley really showed you how imperfect can be perfect. she took a dress and this is all sort of a dye that almost looks as if you had done it at home. but she really carried the dye throughout. there are holes that are open. and this sort of hand-made feel, diy feel is everyone. you're going to see seams unfinished inside/out. the one of a kind feel looking special. >> accessories. and in the fashion world, always a step ahead. so we're already talking about spring, right? >> yes. lingerie is, believe it or not. all through the year it's a big hit. the movie "nine" is coming out
9:23 am
with penelope cruz and everybody looking gorgeous. this is someone who has always been doing a very feminine sheer look. she told me she's going to go crazy for fall 2010 and lots more lingerie looks. anything that might look you would put your slip under a blazer, instead, you can shop for this trend now at discount department stores or if it's in your closet. >> this is a nicer evening look. >> on the runway we saw lots of cutouts and peek-a-boo. designers played peek-a-boo. this is from one of my favorites. >> this is not work appropriate. >> this is a twist on the little black dress. you see on the runway michael kors in gucci in the white. at that was peek-a-boo. i love this. they really did chic cutouts with the bedazzle trim. underneath -- you wouldn't wear these together but i love the sheer panels and the leggings. that's a big trend, too, the sheer peek-a-boo panels.
9:24 am
>> now, mini purses, is it true that the baby bag is now kind of the new it bag? so get rid of those big clunky bags? >> we're literally downsizing our pocketbook. >> my shoulders are uneven aer all these years. >> i think it's a symbol of being smart and responsible. this is just a little pop of some fun during the day. you don't need to carry everything with you. everyone from ebags doing fun colors. this bag. i love the feather from coach. a lot of designers doing this. >> a lot less money to carry, so the smaller bag after this past year. clunky shoes. >> clogs a huge hit on the runways of channeel. some people, it's all about the wood and this sort of wedge -- >> they're comfortable. i love that. >> this denim here in the se again. and the masculine boy boot. it's all about adding a little edge to those feminine looks to update them so you'll have a
9:25 am
little contrast. >> i look forward to 2010 with you, bobbie thomas. thanks so much. happy new year. still ahead this morning, some music to celebrate with. we have one more song from the man who turns out hit after hit, rob thomas. first your local news and weather. that's hard on my diet... and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with bifidus regularis is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. mmmm. the new taste is better than ever. and with only 70 calories activia light helps make it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia! traditionally men have ruled the world. i think that they're in control. women rule the world. men are just here for the company. really? ask your wife. depend brand. for women and men. to start losing essential nutrients? not long. in fact, green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week.
9:26 am
that's why green giant freezes them within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. ho ho ho green giant 9:26 is your time now, live look at the nation's capital on this first day of 2010. good morning, everyone, happy new year, it is january 1, 2010. firefighter rest main on the scene of a two-alarm fire in annandale. the fire is out, but there is still a lot of smoke, no one was injured. new year's eve took a terrifying turn. witnesses say someone opened fire in the 3,000 block of nailer road southeast. they say the bulleted shattered the building's windows but
9:27 am
managed to avoid the dozens of people that were inside at the time. stay with us.
9:28 am
moving out of the deep freeze today, but this weekend, we'll drop down below freezing with the highs under the freezing mark in the next couple of days. we'll see a high today of 43 degrees, but a cold weekend, jerry? >> we'll take a live look on the belt way just above the american region bridge. an over to virginia along 395 and i-66, not much to worry about at all.
9:29 am
light volume of traffic all over the area. >> thank you, jerry, we are back in 25 minutes for another news update
9:30 am
♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ ♪ yeah, you ain't no friend of mine ♪ >> you know, it's really hard to believe that elvis presley, the king, if he were still alive, would 75 years old a week from today. next week we'll talk to his widow priscilla about the way he changed pop culture forever. ann curry along with al and natalie. the influence of his music and how he was influenced by black
9:31 am
african-american american music and the influence from rock 'n' roll. very, very cool. also coming up, anoth great musician, rob thomas, big succesas soul artist and in a band. he's performing one more song for us this morning. he's a cool dude. >> he is. he's become our house band. fourth of july with us and for the tree lighting and now closing us out on new year's day. >> very nice. then, will the real estate market finally start to turn around in 2010. important information for buyers, sellers and folks struggling to pay mortgages. we've been feasting with fantastic dishes created by chef ed brown. now it's finally time to get to the desserts. >> what was the new year's resolution? >> is still new year's. it doesn't start until tomorrow. >> yeah, yeah, that's right. we still have today to live a little, okay? then later, a couple of ambush makeovers help get over your hangover this morning. firstfirst one more final c
9:32 am
of the news and weather from amy roebuck sitting in for me this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you and happy new year, everyone. flags are half-staff at the cia for seven cia employees who were killed wednesday in a bombing in afghanistan. the bomber reportedly was being considered as an informant. radio talk show host rush limbaugh remains hospitalized in hawaii after suffering chest pains. the hospital says, though, he is in good spirits. and dozens of people rang out the old year thursday by plunging into the frigid atlantic off portland, maine. with air temperatures in the 20s and ice in some places on shore, they did it and right here we should see a high today of 43, but this is it for the next couple of days, the next couple of days, highs in the low and mid 30s. that is where we are right now across the area from 34 in d.c. and quantico. 36 in frederick and martinsberg
9:33 am
31 degrees currently. today lows in the 40s through the area, with mostly cloudy skies. it will be windy with windchills in the teens coming up. >> it's p 32 minutes past the hour. back to ann. coming up next, is the worst finally over? the real estate forecast for 2010. if you haven't been able to quit smoking, you haven't failed, maybe your method of quitting has. but you can do it. you may just need the right tools. clinical guidelines recommend treatment and support to improve your chances of quitting smoking. why not get all the help you can? make a plan, get support, and talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options that can help you quit smoking. and to find out more, go to give off the warmth and aroma that will delight your family with freshly baked goodness.
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♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ sfx: kids laughing grandmother: who wants to go another lap? kids: go grandma, go faster! vo: manage your weight and stay healthy at unbeatable prices. vo: healthy living costs less at walmart. vo: save money. live better. walmart. ♪ she's a brickhouse ah, first one of the year. this morning on today's real estate, a look ahead to 2010. will it be better in 2009? whether buying or selling, our real estate expert, brickhouse,
9:37 am
barbara corcoran is here. you didn't think we would let that go in 2010, did you? okay. so, what are you looking for? because we had some changeable news toward the end of the year last year. things started to maybe look a little bit better. do you think that's going to continue into 2010 p? >> we had a push me, pull me end to the year. i think we'll see a more balanced market. the buyers have been accustomed to being very strong and flexing their muscle. i think we'll see the end to the good old days where they said take it or leave it and see a lot more negotiating back and forth. >> would you go as far as to say 2010 could be a sellers' market? >> they don't happen overnight. they take a while to build up. but certainly already seeing the beginning of a sellers' market. that's showing the power is shifting. we're going to see more and more power in the happened of the buyer in the coming year. >> are you out on a limb on this or are there others that are toeing your line? >> you can't fortune tell and no
9:38 am
one is toeing my line. time will tell. >> you're also saying the lowest price houses in 2010 -- the prices are going to start to go up? >> absolutely. this is based on fact already. they're already going up because the cheapest houses have the most people that could afford them. those are the first to go off the shelf. you're also going to see in the next year great deals on the higher priced homes. there's a lot of high priced inventory just sitting because wealthier people don't have to sound. they have deep pockets. they're waiting it out. they're tired of waiting. those are where you get the best deals. >> if you've got the cash or the lending power, the borrowing power, you may get a better deal on the higher if you think about trading up? >> this is an ideal market if you're thinking at all about trading up. first of all, you get help from uncle sam, cash to the tune of 6,000. even if you take a hit on the old house you are ahead on the new house.
9:39 am
>> what about interest rates? >> interest rates, well, who the heck knows? nobody knows but nobody is predicting the interest rates will be going down very much. so it's a good idea to lock in your rate. >> what about, should you think about refinancing now? is it still time to refinance? >> it's always a time to refinance, depending upon what your rate is and what your instrument is. if you've got a lousy loan, you should be refinancing the minute you can possibly afford it. and if your interest rate is even more than half a point more than the going rate, it almost pays to refinance unless you're ready to move out. >> you say don't compromise to get a good deal. >> it's great to get a steal of a deal and brag about it. but if it's not a house you love and live there that becomes a bad deal. >> the other thing, you said this all along. believe it or not, i do pay attention. >> i can stay home. >> whether it's a good market or bad market, you say for the
9:40 am
seller, it's really important to price the house correctly. be realistic. >> absolutely. the wrong thing you do as a seller is to overprice a house and then think you can inementally reduce the price inch by inch. it becomes shop worn in the end and you get much less for your house. coming out with the right price is key in this market. >> then make sure your home is the best in class. does that mean making the right repairs on the house? >> you're right. the right repairs and not the expensive repairs are key right now. if you can only spend a couple of weekends going to open houses and seeing the other homes that are going to compete with yours, you'll get a harvard mba on what to do and what not to do if you open your eyes and see what competitors are doing. >> also get your home inspected if you're selling and do it before you list the house. >> i know it sounds backwards but most inspect their homes before moving. it costs $500. if you call your old inspector, he'll usually do it as a courtesy. if you know what's wrong with your house, don't let the buyers
9:41 am
discover it because when they discover every dollar of repair, they're going to take $3 out of your hide. you're better off making the repairs in advance of the listing. >> be proactive as a sell officer. >> in anything it always pays to be proactive but certainly in a real estate sale with the amount of money you invest in a home why not be very proactive. >> good advice to start off the new year. thanks a lot, barbara. always good to see you. we want you to stick around because coming up next, ed brown has the finishing touches on new year's desserts. first, these messages. and he c't do it without me. to keep him at his best, i only feed him eukanuba... with prebiotics to promote strong defenses. you know, he means the world to me for a lot of different reasons. he's more than a partner. he's family. [ female announcer ] ask an expert at your pet store which formula is best for your dog.
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baked into crunchy oat bunches. taste the delicious surprise in every spoonful. new honey bunches of oats with pecan bunches. beautiful. . estaurant and ed's chowder house, fabulous eateries
9:45 am
here in new york city. ed, it's been such a pleasure to have you all morning with us. now it's time for dessert. what have you got? >> we're making a bread pudding, which really is simple. it's got two components. you have bread, which could be anything you want. could be baguettes, left yoefr bread. could be muffins. anything, combination of. then you have basically a custard, which is eggs, dairy, sugar. we're going to make that together. then you can have something that's inside. in this case, we'll put fresh cranberries and raisins, toss it together, in the oven. you can help me by buttering the mold. >> okay. >> al, you want to cut up some of the bread? >> i always take the butter and mush it around with my hands. this is a brush? >> you can. i thought it would be nice to do it civilized. >> bread pudding used to be the poor man' pudding. >> so are like mashed potatoes. >> and, look, it's done.
9:46 am
>> the magic of television. good job, al. >> heavy cream? >> i've got both. i've got milk and we've got some cream. >> you don't have to use cream if you want to be good on your diet? i'm trying to help people out there, al. they're trying to stay healthy. >> it doesn't start just yet. >> what are we doing with the vanilla? >> scrape out the vanilla from the fresh pod. scrape what you can. >> not sure what al is doing, scraping it out like that. you can slide these over here. >> lots of good flavor. here's with a we do. we scrape out some of that. the remaining piece, put this in a jar with granulated sugar. in a week or so -- the longer the better -- your sugar will taste like vanilla. put that in there. give me a little lemon zest. >> how do you know when you have enough? >> right around now. count to five. >> it smells good.
9:47 am
>> now you probably want some sugar. >> give me some sugar, a pinch of salt. >> oh, baby. >> and some raisins. >> don't be jealous, al. i'll take the raisins and the cranberries. raw cranberries. my bread. toss this together. it's turning red. ed, you're turning pink. you are. >> it's the shirt. >> i think it's al. but, anyway -- there you go. how long does it take, by the way? >> we're going to let this soak. the bread will start to soak up the custard mixture. you can soak it about 20 minutes. >> here we go. >> when ed stops blushing.
9:48 am
>> he stopped talking. i don't know why. there you go. >> stick it in the oven. >> at 350. it takes about a good hour to cook. we're going to put it in the oven with aluminum foil. take it off the last 15 minutes. >> aluminum foil. and the clementines. >> that looks pretty darn good. >> these clementines are soaking. a couple of mint leaves. >> with bread pudding, could you put a little rum in there? >> yeah. >> actually, you could probably put anything in there, a little cognac on top? >> sure. i like -- i'm a whiskey drinker. i like bourbon in there. >> you put a drop in, not too much. >> i put a lot. >> all right. ed brown. >> thank you once again. >> you're such a trouper coming in on new year's day. all the recipes on our website
9:49 am
at coming up next, another sweet treat, another song from rob thomas.
9:50 am
9:51 am
we want to leave you with one more song from rob thomas. >> it's called "ever the same." have a happy and safe new year's day, everyone. bye. ♪ ♪ we were brave like soldiers falling down ♪ ♪ ♪ you were holding on to me like someone broken and i couldn't tell you, but i'm telling you now ♪
9:52 am
♪ just let me hold you while you're falling down ♪ ♪ just let me hold you and you won't fall down ♪ ♪ fall on me and tell me everything you want me to be ♪ ♪ forever with you, forever in you, ever the same ♪ ♪ we would stand in the wind ♪ we were free like water flowing down ♪ ♪ under the warmth of the sun ♪ now it's cold and we're scared ♪ ♪ and we've both been shaken ♪ hell, look at us, man, this doesn't need to be the end ♪
9:53 am
♪ just let me hold you while you're falling apart ♪ ♪ just let me hold you so we both fall down ♪ ♪ fall on me, tell me everything you want me to be ♪ ♪ forever with you forever in me ♪ ♪ ever the same call on me ♪ ♪ cause i'll be there for you and you'll be there for me ♪ ♪ forever it's you, forever in me ♪ ♪ ever the same ♪ you may need me there to carry all your weight ♪
9:54 am
♪ but you're no burden i assure you tide me over with a warmth i'll not forget ♪ ♪ and i can only give you love ♪ ♪ so fall on me, tell me everything you want me to be ♪ ♪ forever with you forever in me ♪ ♪ ever the same call on me ♪ ♪ because i'll be there for you and you'll be there for me ♪ ♪ forever it's you forever in me ever the same ♪
9:55 am
♪ forever it's you forever in me ever the same ♪
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:56 is our time right now, kind of cloudy skies as we pull back to see a very cold day on this first day of january, 2010, happy new year to you, good morning, i'm joe krebs and in the news for today, new year's eve took a terrifying turn in northwest washington when police responded to a shooting outside a church service in the 3000 become of nailer road southeast. the bullets shattered the windows but avoided the people who were inside the church at the time. >> good morning, it is cold outright now, but not the kind of cold we're going to be experiencing this weekend, we have got temperatures right now just above the freezing mark, d.c. at 34, down i-95 at
9:58 am
quantity toe at 34 degrees. the high today at 43, then saturday the high of 34. windchills will be in the teens, at least we'll get a little bit of sunshine for the second half of the weekend. >> a live look along the 270 corridor, northbound and southbound right now between frederick and the capital beltway under a very light volume of traffic. a quick check in virginia along i-66 no hangups, travel lanes are open, as a matter of fact all the way to the west hay market, we're looking good. >> we'll return to the "today" show after this short break, but remember to catch the tournamen
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. it is friday. it actually is new year's day or 1/1/10. >> oh, my gosh, that's right. it's 1/1/10. >> i know. >> now we have to start writing in our checks, 2010. >> i just got used to nie. i'm sorry. but that sounded like sting when we came in. didn't it? >> it certainly did.
10:01 am
>> guess who's with us today, mrs. sting. >> i love her. >> she's going to get us back in shape a little bit for the new year after bingeing last night wita little yoga. >> this is the time of year everybody decides this is the time to get your body back into shape. this is traditionally the time. >> every time you turn on tv, you'll see weight loss commercials. >> yes. because we pigged out over the holidays. >> i didn't. i was good. >> oh, really? >> you know what i've been doing? >> tell. >> i've been giving up the bread and all the sweets until like one day. for sixth weeks i did that before thanksgiving and did it all the way again and a little bit on christmas. now it's going to be valentine's day. >> that's your new thing? >> yeah. >> that's actually great. >> it's the only thing that's working -- it's working for me. i can say help me and that works too. >> when you know there's a date that you can have a little of that -- some people take it out of their diet completely and never to see it again. >> it's hard for me is if it's something i've never tasted before. a good thing to do is say, you
10:02 am
know what? i remember that. i've had that before. you know? it's just when something is new -- >> i've been trying to tempt you with all these -- >> if is a guy, that could be trouble. when it's something to eat -- >> i've been feeling guilty throughout these segments. >> you don't feel guilty at all. you mamed me on my arm. oh, please. >> you are fine. you are fine. >> thank god you and i are still here. >> yes. >> items that have gone stingt like the dinosaurs. >> so, if you have them, get rid of them. first is an answering machine. >> new york magazine says this is the stuff. >> the one where you push -- most answering machines are already built into your phone or built into the phone system. so, you don't have to record right there. >> yes. >> but i still have an answering machine -- it's digit al, but it's an answering machine. >> really? >> i still have a home phone, which is weird. most people don't even have those anymore. >> no, you know what? you have to have a home phone. >> a lot of people don't. >> what if your cell phone goes dead or something like that. >> or the satellites jam it.
10:03 am
>> exactly. lickable stamp. collectors like them, but the rest of us apparently want self adhesives. >> i like to lick it. >> of course you do. >> foldable road map. these gps' drive me crazy. i still have a foldable map. >> they say they're great. when they send you on a wild goose chase, sometimes they don't tell you to turn until it's already right next to you. >> i know it. >> it's the worst. it's like, was it that one or that one? because there's two and you could go here or here. >> one more thing that makes you feel guilty in life for being an idiot. next is a caphode tv, they finally beat out their ancestors. >> incandescent light bulb is out. >> leds. >> paid porn. >> i know. >> nobody is paying for porn anymore. >> i just don't enjoy it as much anymore. >> because you can get it for free. >> when you can get it for free anymore it's not the same.
10:04 am
>> fax machine. >> i'm never giving up my fax machine. it's the one thing i know how to work. >> you still have a fax? >> when david freeman and i write our "everyone has a story" songs every month, i always write the lyrics first. >> and you fax it? >> i don't e-mail or anything. i fax him the lyrics. >> when you're trying to place an order for broadway tickets, they say fax your credit card information and i go how, from like the flintstones, where am i going to find a -- >> what is your point? >> i'm just saying most people don't have fax machines anymore. >> i do, and i highly recommend them. >> the floppy disk is out, phone book is history. >> what's a floppy disk? >> i don't know. if you're clicking through a rolodex with your fingers. >> it's not out for me. i never had one. i don't want anything that has floppy in front of it. you know what i'm saying? because i've got my own floppy problems. >> you've got your own issue. >> yes. i don't need anything else that says floppy whatever. you know what i'm talking -- >> what? what's behind us? oh, look at -- no, no.
10:05 am
>> people are out on new year's day. god bless them. >> no, look what they've done to our images. >> that's just mean. some people find that funny. >> they want us to go to this, hoda woman, which is your hangover basket. we've got orange juice, very important to rehydrate. got your water, your advil. and a new drink. i've never heard of this it's called code blue which apparently -- >> what's that? >>hat's it do? >> nothing. no calories, no nothing. >> recovery drink. >> okay. i believe you. what's this? >> hashbrowns. >> we have something else today, too, though. >> we'll have a whole segment explaining to you exactly the food you should eat to help with a hangover. >> we'll make potatoes later. can i hand that back to you? >> yes, you may. >> vacation in a bottle. there's no alcohol in here. >> what kind of vacation is that? >> not a good one. >> caffeine free, low calorie
10:06 am
pomegranate berry. it's suppose d to make you chil out. is it carbonated? >> i say nothing. >> i'm happy. >> just reward yourself after a phrenetic day. you licked it. was it good? >> it's good. >> okay, okay. it's $1.99 at most local drugstores or >> bonnie fuller, who has the trends of the decade is telling us what we should and shouldn't be wearing, editor in chief of hollywood life. if you have these in your closet, give them the heave ho. >> what are they? >> crocs. >> iated these from day one. they're the single ugliest thing i've seen in my life. people love them. >> jump suit. >> or rompers. >> who calls them rompers? >> is that jill or is that brittany? >> it's somebody. >> i think they're cute. thank you, jerry. >> how sweet you are. >> isn't he nice? >> and the velour pant suits. i'm not giving up my veloo ur
10:07 am
sweat suits. >> paris is on tv. we just got her back on television. >> if you didn't drink and drive, hopefully you didn't but it should be the woman who was driving. hysterical driver. >> not the case. >> if we could scroll down to the stuff about women driving. >> it says usually males are at least 50% -- i have it right here. we can read it. males are at least 50% like to be cited for reckless driving, seat belt citations, speeding. >> yes, and they don't stop for directions. >> reckless driving 3.4 times as often as females they're cited. so, there. >> thank you. let's go to sarah, see what she's doing. >> how fast your new year's eve? >> it was amazing. >> i'm sure it was. >> was it unforgettable? >> unforgettable. i hardly remember it at this point. >> this coming year i think there's going to be some news out of the sarah camp. >> i think there mightbe. >> i have a feeling.
10:08 am
i think the stars are going to align and the heavens are going to smile. >> and some news out of the tammy camp, too. >> unbelievable news out of tamsville. >> what could it possibly be? >> she's running and hiding. >> soon, it will be revealed. sarah, we'll see you a little bit later in the show, because she talked too much and couldn't open up a can. >> coming up next, kicking off the new year with a new look. >> that's what these ladies are going to get treated to. results right after this. the thrill of the save. that secret high from stretching a dollar. that little rush in finding what you need for less. now walmart has unbeatable dollar days. extra savings on everyday things, all over the store. it's a new way to conquer budgets. and another great day for the savers. save money. live better. walmart. well yesterday i had an apple turn over
10:09 am
mmm hmm, i know it's sort of my weakness - i always keep it in the house well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, ya ya - oh! and key lime pie i've already lost some weight [ female announcer ] yoplait light - with 28 delicious flavours at about 100 calories babe, what are you doing?! ♪ now campbell's chunky has 23 soups made with 100% lean meat and a full serving of veggies. for $5.00 in money saving coupons go to awesome. campbell's chunky soup.
10:10 am
10:11 am
we're back with our weekly visit to the salon in our plaza ambush makeovers. >> that's right. earlier two women were ambushed by our crack makeover team, luis licari and jill. >> you were on the plaza today.
10:12 am
tell us what you saw. >> many men who wanted makeov makeovers. and what better way to start the new year with a new you. >> no hangover. >> maybe a few hangovers. >> speak for yourself! >> let's go for the beautiful new look. first, carol latito, 51 from dale city, virginia. she has been married 16 years to carmen. they have two kids. she's ben running the presses at a printing company and starts her day every morning at 3:30 am. she has never colored her hair. when she needs it cut, she heads to her friend's house. she's here with three of her sisters who were ecstatic when we pluck ed carol from the crow. let's take a listen. >> well, this is sister-fest, a made-up word for all the sisters getting together. very nice. now carol is going to get a makeover. why did you want her to have one? >> we always thought she was pretty cool in the '80s, but then she kind of stopped being cool and she has looked like this for probably over 10, 15 years, easily.
10:13 am
>> are you ready for a change? >> sure. why not? yes. >> we're getting rid of this gray hair. >> all right. >> okay? are you ready to see a whole new carol? >> yeah. >> we've been wanting her to do this. >> we've been wanting her to do this for a long time. >> and now the three siste are all there with their blindfolds on. >> three blind myself. >> donna, gail and myra. keep your blindfolds on until i give you the green light. this is carol before. let's see the new you, carol! >> whoo hew! >> wow! >> no, it's not the same person. >> all right, sisters, are you ready? take off your blindfolds and check her out. >> it really is sensational. >> wt. hold on. >> oh, my god. i wouldn't know you. >> see if you would know yourself. are you ready? >> yes. >> oh, my god. >> oh, carol. >> wow! you look absolutely -- >> gorgeous. >> -- gorgeous. >> that's the word!
10:14 am
>> darling flirty haircut. stop it. look, look. >> luis, the hair. now luis is crying. >> you promised us you wouldn't do that. >> i look just like you. >> number one, i covered her gray. she was going gray slowly, didn't even notice it. it just made her whole appearance look faded and washed away. i put this warm brown color on her hair, single process. easy to do. takes less than an hour. >> can i have some kleenex for luis, please? >> what do you think, sisters? hold the mike up. >> you're beaiful. you're beautiful. >> oh, my gosh, i can't wait till mom sees you. >> you do look like gail. >> i don't look like that. >> tell us about the outfit. >> they wanted her to look cool again. so statement jewelry is really it. this is built into the shirt from white house/black market and earrings are h & m. >> now i'm crying. daggoneit. >> happy new year!
10:15 am
>> crystal jones is 24 years old from mt. vernon, texas. she's here on her honeymoon with her new husband, brett, who has two small children. she is a stay-at-home mom, studying to become a math teacher. her 13-month-old daughter suffers from a few medical issues but happily she's on the mend. her mom was a hairdresser. she's tried every color under the sun and just wants to have her natural shade back. she's here with her n husband, brett, who is going to put on those blindfolds. and let's take a listen to her story. >> well, you've only been married a few days. congratulations. >> thank you. >> now we're getting a ole new look. what do you think? >> i think it's awesome. i think she's hot enough as it is, too, but if you can do better, i would love to see it. >> very smart answer. are you ready to get rid of this curly hair? >> yes. i'm so excited it's like so hard to straighten, it's not even funny and it takes like three hours to do at home. >> i think we're going to do it. are you ready to go? >> yes.
10:16 am
yay! >> that's a big part of your day just to do that. >> no kidding. >> here's crystal before. >> reporter: don't take off your blindfold. >> and let's bring out t new beautiful crystal jones, baby. >> i thought it was khloe kardashian. brett, take it off, baby. you want to see your wife? >> oh, wow! >> crystal, take a look right around -- there you go. >> oh, my god! >> she loves herself. >> she's beautiful. >> that's gorgeous. turn around again, sweetie. look in the camera. >> first thing we did is we gave her these layers, thi means she can wear her hair curly or straight. dana gave her this great haircut, purple eye shadow, which is great for her eye color. and then, of course, i made her hair darker, made it a little lighter around the face so it didn't look so frosty. we updated her look. >> you really did. jill that's a beautiful color on her. >> now that she's a married woman she needs the basics.
10:17 am
the dress is white house/black market, the jacket is ann taylor and fish net stockings and high boots from nine west. >> what do you think, hubby? >> i'm speechless. >> man, you are. >> carol, come on out. you ladies have been officially ambushed by the "today" show. congratulations. luis and jill, thank you. love you, darling. if it sounds like we're talking too loud, you may need help dealing with your new year's eve hangover, right after this. moisturized and shiny. - it shines like glass. - so soft. - smooth. i would definitely recommend this to my clients. then we revealed what was really in the bottle. it's suave professionals. suave, really? i'm shocked. i didn't know suave could do tha you wi. suave professionals. salon proven to work as well as salon brands. suave professionals. rethink salon hair.
10:18 am
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10:19 am
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10:20 am
maybe hoda looks a little blurry or sound ace little too loud. don't blame it on her. >> no. blame it on what you treated yourself to last night. "toda contributor and "healh" magazine's editor, roo sh raj is here. what exactly is happening to your body when you drink too
10:21 am
much? what's happening? >> sure. well, a lot of things are happening. you do go into a little bit of alcohol withdrawal the next day, you might feel a little jittery and not quite yourself. you get dehydrated. it makes you urinate a lot. you're losing a lot of fluid. next day you get that fury, thick tongue, feeling very fatigued. >> what are you talking about? >> you'll have a lot of stomach upset, nausea. alcohol does damage the lining of your stomach. it usually temporary. >> people pop aspirin before they go to bed. does that do the trick? >> it could help with the headac headaches. you get headaches because of the die lated blood vessels in your brain but it's not good for your stomach. could make it worse. >> what about ibuprofen. >> same thing. >> sometimes it's beyond that. you really do have the shakes, it sounds -- >> you can't remember anything. >> yes. what do you do in that kind of a case? >> if you're blacking out, there's probably a sign you should not be drinking that
10:22 am
much, even on new year's eve. the shake, sometimes you get a rapid heart rate. that is also due to the slight withdrawal from alcohol. and it will go away. a lot of people think hair of the dog, have a little more. we'll talk about that in a sec. >> we have a couple of food plates up here. the one up front looks like the one i would like. >> you wouldn't be alone. >> that's the no-no? >> right. as a registered dietician, i'm here to tell you the one that is work. not my favorite food on the planet, bake sben pickle juice. >> what? >> yeah, pickle juice. >> throw a little vodka in that, i guess. just kidding. >> they're salty and salt attracts water like the magnet. the more salt you have, the more water you'll retain. with that cotton mouth it will make you feel better. >> water is the best thing, right? >> obviously water. this is coconut water and the banana. they have in common they're really rich in potassium.
10:23 am
when you lose that fluid you also lose electrolytes. and having too little potassium can lead to the shakiness, fatigue, irritability. eggs are one of the most powerful weapons for a hangover. studies have shown it actually helps the liver kind of repair from some of the damage of a heavy night of drinking. the other one is cystine, counteracts this condition. itself is 30 times more toxic than alcohol. when you metropolitmetabolize at builds up. >> my son wants ton of eggs when he comes home. i would like to know why. you say too much is like a woman of a smaller frame, of course, three to five drinks?
10:24 am
>> is going to cause a hangover, yes, generally. four to six usually, right. >> if you start around 5:00 and end at 1:00 in the morning, it's also don't do it on an empty stomach. >> having any kind of food in your stomach will slow the object sarpgs, the metabolism. champagne tends to be absorbed more quickly. that's a no-no. of course, new year's eve, can't really avoid it. and darker alcohols, the dark whiskys and brandis have chemicals called congeners which are toxic. >> stick with your chardonnay. >> there you go. >> just don't have too much of it. still to come on this special new year's edition, trutrud y stiler
10:25 am
why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet... and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia! two little birds wearing a couple little hats. that looks like my windshield... when i made my trip back from phoenix. yeah, that's it. depend brand. for women and men. you know the feeling. the thrill of the save. that secret high from stretching a dollar. that little rush in finding what you need for less. now walmart has unbeatable dollar days. extra savings on everyday things, all over the store.
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it's a new way to conquer budgets. and another great day for the savers. save money. live better. walmart. we have a mostly cloudy start to the year and temperatures now above freezing and we should see highs today in the low 40s, but folks enjoy today because the deep freeze, it will be in on us this weekend. 36 right now in the district. new carolton at 37, the hig
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10:30 am
we're back with a special new year's edition of "today." it's only natural we kick off this half hour with a new year, a new you. >> you made the resolution, eat well, work out, get in shape. it's time to start living it. among other things, trudie styler is a fan of yoga. she has a perfect body and she wants you to have one too. >> yes, we've checked it out. it's perfect. >> she's brought along trainer deign desilva. ge ready to get down. you guys are going to show us how to do it.
10:31 am
welcome to the show. >> happy new year. you obviously did everything write last year. you're going into the new year with more resolve than ever to keep it up. >> we're work in progress, i always say. >> can i say your age? >> please. >> you're 52, is that right? >> no, i'm 55. >> you're 55? >> yes. >> you have the body of a 20 something year old. is this all yoo ga? >> it's sting. it's a little sting, right? >> well, it's everything. we've evolved these wonderful workout dvds. this one is the yoga one. i've been practicing yoga for 20 years. we've called it warrior yoga. >> why is it different? >> we think of women as warriors of the world really in that in this fast-lane age that we have to, you know, juggle work, your kids and you look beautiful and ultimately we have to feel beautiful too look beautiful. and i always thought that our bodies are like vehicles in that you go through life and you have a lot of different cars, right,
10:32 am
but you'll have one precious vehicle, your body. >> that doesn't break down. >> this body has to take you through your whole life. so we say take care of it. maintain it. give it great fuel with really wonderful food and you need your exercise regimen, which is where we come in. >> is this for everyone of all ages? women of all ages are watching this show and want to know if they can get into this. >> it's elementary into immediate. james will testify to this. this is sort of like the have fun ga. >> i find yoga very difficult. >> i'm not very flexible. can you show us? >> yeah. >> james, you're going to show us? >> absolutely. >> james, we're afraid. >> sarah is going to join us. >> come on, kathie. >> oh, i'm over here. >> let's start with our feet a little -- >> what are we doing? >> lady gaga. >> we love lady gaga. >> hip distance wider and act natural. hands in a prayer position in front of the heart. and start by very gently lifting
10:33 am
the arms up to the ceiling and then bring them down to the side. >> oh, that feels good. >> good. reaching out to the left. a big side, deep side stretch and center. other way, side stretch. and center. bend the knees. >> uh-oh. >> arch your way forward and curl up. then dive the head down and up again. >> spanx are showing! >> whoa! >> reach out to the side. big stretch. and to the center. and the other way around. >> how are we doing, trudie, okay? >> so good. >> awfully good. >> tush is out. >> curl up through the spine and dive yourself back down again. big stretch down. lift, lift, lift. last time through. stretch. lean and center. well done, ladies. keep going. reach, reach, reach sideways and center.
10:34 am
bend. curl up through the spine. and then dive down forward. >> he likes this one. >> he sure does. >> open your feet up wide. >> wider? >> yes. >> okay. >> here we go. bend the knees. >> uh-oh. >> and then reach -- >> trudie, how are we doing? >> and lean back. stretch out and then a big lean forward. good. really well. back again into warrior ii. >> trudie and james, we have to go. >> just a little bit more. >> james, thank you. trudie, thank you so much. bless you. >> thank you so, so much. >> have a wonderful new year. >> james, thank you so much. coming up next -- >> someone else gets to do the work, rob thomas rocks us in the new year. it's holiday time,
10:35 am
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>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. toyota, moving forward. we are back with a special new year's day edition of "today." there's no better way to kick off the new decade with some great music. >> we've waited long enough. now it's time to get you rockin' with rob thomas and his new
10:39 am
single "give me the meltdown." ♪ ♪ feeling worn down like a piece of glass it doesn't take too much to get yourself to feed your monkey tell some white lies they can swallow them you don't see just how you got into this situation ♪ ♪ late at night late atight you weep for something better than the secrets you keep laying down just lay down here close to me and tell me what you want from me ♪ ♪ and i said hey now give me the meltdown take it out on me this time
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around oh, no it ain't over now i can feel the world spinning round and round and round ♪ ♪ hey now give me the meltdown take it out on me don't let me down oh, no it ain't over now i can feel the world spinning round and round and round ♪ ♪ and round ♪ wide awake now and your monkey's dead you're so perfect that you never really need nobody put your hands down you're among your friends you just take and take and take and take and take and take and ♪ ♪ late at night late at night you weep but so no better than the secrets you keep stay down just lay down here close to me pretend you're never leaving me ♪ ♪ and i said hey now, give me
10:41 am
the meltdown take it out on me this time around oh, no it ain't over now i can feel the world spinning round and round and round ♪ ♪ hey now give me the meltdown take it out on me don't let me down oh, no it ain't over now i can feel the world spinning round and round and round ♪ ♪ round round round ♪ ♪ tell me what you want child give me the meltdown take it out on me this time around oh, no it ain't over now i can feel the world spinning round and round and round ♪ ♪ hey now give me the meltdown take it out on me don't let me down oh, no it ain't over now i can feel the world spinning round and round and round ♪ ♪ hey now give me the meltdown i can feel the world spinning
10:42 am
round and round and round ♪ hey now give me the meltdown i can feel the world spinning round and round and round ♪ ♪ hey now give me mltdown i can feel the world spinning round and round and round ♪ >> that is a terrific sound. if that was just too much music for you to handle, we'll be back with just what the doctor ordered, the perfect new year's hangover breakfast. >> not that you need it. >> uh-uh. [ dog ] i am beautiful... on the inside. my inner-workings a work of art. a digestive tract that should be bronzed. and an immune system so stunning... [ low growl ] my vet thinks i'm the eighth wonder of the world. [ female announcer ] introducing iams with prebiotics. prebiotics work inside, clinically proven to promote strong defenses. healthy inside... healthy outside. [ dog ] oh hi girls, nice day, huh? i am an iams dog. [ female announcer ] learn more about prebiotics at that, on the list of things kids love,
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we're back on this new year's day with "today's" holiday kitchen and a brunch that will get you through the hangover blues. >> if you are still paying for last night, from cafe blue here in new york city has your recipe for relief. do you really mr. gavin? >> absolutely. >> we had lunch there the other day. we were there for tammy's bthday, remember? it was so delicious.
10:47 am
>> we loved it. >> as ywesome, awesome. >> get us started. what are we making? >> you have new year's eve. you have a lot of fun, come back the next day. >> and you pay for it. >> of course. you need to eat something. it has to soak it up, right? >> right. >> the idea behind this dish is to do nothing but wake up and pop it in the oven. we're going to take these potatoes and smash them. >> boy do i want to smash them. >> they're cooked and you smash them down? >> smash them like that. start to sear them. this dish comes from when i livedin switzerland actually. >> that's olive oil you put in there? >> olive oil, potatoes, salt and pepr. they used to have this dish. you go to all these festivals and naturally you drink at festivals. they would shave this cheese that would be melted on these potatoes. >> it's called reclet. >> it's a cow's milk cheese. slice some cheese there. >> do you want thin, thin, thin? >> no, it doesn't have to be too thin. we're going to melt it. >> whatever. >> yeah, just like that.
10:48 am
whatever. you want a knife? we'll have an iron chef. let's go. >> throw it in there, gavin? >> yeah, put it on top. i'll finish this with onions and garlic. >> it's going to be unbelievable anyway. and smoother anything in cheese. >> keep going. lot of cheese. >> lot of cheese. think switzerland. moo. >> what's the comparable cheese to this? >> grierr. >> i love grieurr. >> i should have brought that. >> you scare me with that knife. >> all that cheese. >> that's it. >> that's it? >> that's it. we'll pop it in the oven. let's go back here. >> all right. >> ooh, look at it cooked. look. >> this is it cooked. >> anything with cheese -- oh, that looks amazing. >> so what we normally do is send it with cornishons or
10:49 am
pickles. >> do you know kathie lee can't have potato. >> no, i can have potatoes. i can't have bread or sweets. >> you can have potatoes? >> i can have this. >> oh, i thought potatoes were a carb but maybe i'm mistaken. >> i don't like it whenyou put chives and things on things. >> don't worry. >> she's very picky. >> geez. >> get your own. >> thank you very much. here's your plate. >> this is yours. >> that's the one i wanted. >> that's it. we try it like that? >> of course. >> oh, my gosh, i know this is going to be -- >> this is the best. >> there's not much to it. >> that's the thing. you want to get up and not do anything, j you have the to be able to have breakfast. >> this is a breakfast dish? >> it's breakfast, dinner, whatever you want it to be, whatever time you get up on new year's day. >> does it really help your hangover? >> of course. >> soaks it up? >> soaks it up. >> and then biscuits and gravy will soak up any sort of
10:50 am
alcohol. >> what's in your gravy? >> veal sausage and milk and parmesan cheese and everything. it's more cheese. everything that's very, very fatty. >> and the recipe for this is on our website. >> how do you stay so thin? >> i'm 5'4", i have to stay thin. otherwise we're going downhill. >> and popsicles. >> these are cute. >> passion fruit mint popsicles and orange popsicles. >> how did you make these? >> we took the juice of the fruit and then we just froze them. this is mint puree and passion fruit is passion fruit juice. >> in an ice tray? >> ice cube tray. >> look how cute these are. is it sweet? >> no, it's natural orange juice. this one has vodka in it for you. there you go. >> gavin, thank you and happy new year. thank you so much. >> all the best at cafe blue. it's absolutely delicious if you're visiting in new york. we'll be back with more of
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
okay. if you need a laugh today, and we know you do, you have to see this youtube video. >> all we can say is it's gotten more than 18 million hits and stars the sleepwalking dog. >> oh, he's running in his sleep. oh, he's running. >> isn't that unbelievable? >> oh, he's fighting. oh, oh. >> he wakes up, goes back to sleep. >> do they keep rewinding it? >> this is like frank, i'm telling you. oh, he's going to hit the wall again. >> don't hit the wall, biscuit. no, no, biscuit. don't. poor thing. >> oh, he's run ining. wonder what he was running away from. he was scared. >> check out more hilarious
10:55 am
videos -- it is new year's idea. is it biscuit or bizcit? >> like biscuit. >> it's spelled b-i-z-k-i-t. let's check over with miss sarah. >> miss sarah, what's happening? >> all i want to know is did he catch anything he was chasing? one of your fans, tammy, wants to know do you have a favorite memory or moment in 2009? >> 2009? >> what will you remember the year for? >> the whole year? >> surviving it. >> stop it. >> you know what i do remember -- it's not a favorite moment but really sticks out. we had just gotten -- it was back in june. we had just gotten to nantucket for the weekend and i turned on the tv and learned that michael jackson had been rushed to the hospital and was in a coma. and i remember looking at frank and said call the airline i'm sure we're going back. it was a thursday. we had friday off and darn if we
10:56 am
didn't just go straight back to the airport and come back to new york. >> it was a shock. when you look back at all the things that did happen, especially the loss. michael jackson and farrah fawcett. >> we just had found out that farrah had died. yeah, sad thing. it was a good year. i'm very, very grateful for it. >> this isn't a sad question but abby wants to know what roles did you each play in your families? >> i was the neglected middle child, jan brady. i was. i'm the middle one. >> i was the middle one, too, but i wasn't neglected. >> you weren't? >> i saw to it. i had my ways. >> when you have an older sister who rules the roost and a younger brother who gets all the attention you have to scream to be noticed. >> i had an older brother that was sweet to me and my sister that he doesn't fit the brother theme. >> he doesn't? >> he couldn't stop hugging us and loving us. it was like, ah. i have no complaints about that. >> don't be all polyanna about your perfect life. sarah, is there anything else? >> austin wants to know, what
10:57 am
did you always say you wanted to be when you grew up? >> i wanted to be a vet. can you believe it, with my things with animals? >> no. >> yes, i wanted to be a vet. what did you want to be? >> i wanted to be barbra streisand. i wanted to sing like that. nothing worked out for me at all.
10:58 am
10:59 am

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